Tommy Robinson gives U.S. journo's a guided tour through his hometown

Vlad Tepes presents:

 Tommy Robinson’s encounter with Saif-al Islam, “Sword of Islam”, leaves reporters stunned…

The reality of Luton – a video that speaks volumes

Recently a US TV documentary crew for the “Vanguard” program on Current TV  shadowed the English Defence League (EDL) protest movement and their national spokesman Tommy Robinson on a drive around Luton.

Natually, libtard logic would turn this into  something like “his presence causes anger”  or “Muslims felt provoked by his questioning” or some such. The reality is  harder to swallow:

The documentary purported to be an “in-depth” study of the faux concept of Islamophobia and the usual liberal platitudes were trotted out. It was heavily hinted by the liberal-minded journalists that those speaking candidly and openly about Islam were “far-Right” and “racists”, and the usual Islamic (CAIR-backed) apologists were wheeled out and listened to attentively, while no effort was made to challenge them about the central role that the demand for violence plays in their ideology.

So far, so ordinary.

Watch the  short segment of the program where events speak for themselves about the real nature of Islam, the violence lurking under its smiling face, and the rampant colonial Islamisation of large areas of England.

Despite their efforts to do so the liberal correspondents just couldn’t explain away this incident which left them utterly stunned, their mental programming wouldn’t permit them to accept that their whole narrative-of-bigotry was totally upside down: and the reporter sat next to Tommy has no response to his questions, after the assault, other than silence.

Funnily enough we never seem to see the likes of Saif al-Islam in court for committing assault in the UK, like the one we witness here against Tommy, neither do the British establishment (which is now self-evidently “institutionally racist” against its own natives) use the whole weight of its powers to try and crush them.

Here’s another one, thank heavens for the internet and Vlad Tepes:

Tommy Robinson interviewed by Michael Coren

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  1. The ruling elite in Britain and elsewhere need to be tried for sedition and/or treason. They have not fulfilled their mandate to protect the citizens of the UK and have instead supported immigrant colonists who have declared their intention to take over the country and already have in many areas. They all need to be brought to justice, immediately.

  2. He should make a complaint about that assault and then see what happens. Either the guy gets convicted or he gets away with it. If he gets away with it, it’s a good illustration of dhimmi justice. So win or lose, it’s a positive result. Nothing will happen, though, till a complaint is made.

  3. Why doesn’t that ‘pork sword’ of Shitlam go into a neutral neighbourhood and do that.

    Yeah typical gutless dress wearing shithead.

    Onya Tommy, you and the lads get em.

  4. Tommy Robinson is one of the bravest Englishmen alive today. The sad thing is, 50-60 years ago every man would have had the same brave and strong soul, and Islam COULD NOT have ever succeeded. The muslims have waited until decades of weak politicians and the promotion of immoral, weak minded, physically feeble men have left us literally unable to defend ourselves. England, Europe, it is time to start raising your sons in the image of this man, and not the foppish wannabe celebrities you currently choose as role models!

  5. Things are moving as regards the ‘British Freedom Party’. A non-racist outfit that’s not scared to tackle the muslim problem.

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