Allah is most forgiving and merciful….

…because the infidels are dumb, deaf, blind and spineless. Western elites corrupt justice, free speech, equality and human rights for all when cop-killers, pedophiles, drunks or genocidal lunatics happen to be… Muslims:

Cop Killing Muselmaniac Gets Off

 30 Years Later DA Drops Death Penalty Against Cop-Killing Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal


‘Kill the white slag’

How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet:

The Moment of Attack (Daily Mail)

Pictures of the horrific moment that suicide bombers at an Afghan shrine murdered 59 people celebrating a religious festival.

Who is Responsible for Muslim Violence? (CFP)

Anyone but Muslims, it seems. However, “Muslims, like the rest of us, are moral actors, with the power to make choices and to accept their consequences.” Assigning blame for Muslim violence to others means treating Muslims like children.