Australia: Our Meat Now 'Halal'

Which means the majority of Australians is allowing a tiny minority of excremists to extort ‘halal certification fees’ which are then used to further advance the global jihad.

The Independent

Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union assistant secretary Paul Conway said MC Herd had joined a majority of Australian slaughterhouses in adopting halal practices.

“If the public believes that halal processed meat causes more pain to the animal they may not buy it even though the processor has followed all the correct processes.”

The Law is the Law, Right?

RSPCA scientist Melina Tensen said stunning was law.

Except when its not:

But some Victorian abbatoirs had approvals to slaughter without “prior” stunning, she said.

Ah well:

“Abattoirs have to go through regular audit processes including their slaughter methods.”


The following video is very harsh. It is on how meat is slaughtered for Halal. The opening scene is modern methods. Then it cuts to halal slaughter. It is very hard to watch.

Abattage rituel halal sans étourdissement by GAIA-TV

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  1. Dutch will not ban kosher, halal slaughter of animals

    A followup to this April post, from AFP:

    Plans requiring animals to be stunned before halaal or kosher slaughter received a blow Wednesday after parties in the Dutch parliament’s Upper House said they would give it the thumbs down.

    The majority of parties in the 75-seat Senate indicated during a late-night debate they would vote against amended legislation ─ approved by the Dutch Lower House earlier this year ─ that would see a ban on ritual slaughter without stunning being enforced.

    “It still needs to be voted on later this month, but it’s unlikely that it will go through,” said Jurjen Bugel, a spokesman for the Upper House, who said a December 20 “no” would stop the proposed amended legislation in its tracks.

    He said the majority of parties, including the ruling coalition Freedom and Democracy party (VVD) and Christian Democratic CDA had said it would not support the amendment.

    Dutch law required animals to be stunned before slaughter but made an exception for ritual halaal and kosher slaughters.

    In June this year, the Dutch Lower House voted in favor of the amendment proposed by the country’s Party for Animals (PvdD), which holds two seats in the 150-seat parliament.

    The Senate’s vote however is the final word on the issue.

    The plan drew outrage from both the Dutch Muslim and Jewish communities, whose representatives insisted ritual slaughter respected the animals’ welfare and that those doing the slaughtering received expert training.

    Although the initiative had been given the red light, Dutch authorities would continue to discuss the issue with Jewish and Muslim communities, Coen Gelinck, the spokesman for Agriculture State Secretary Henk Bleker, told AFP.

    “Minister Bleker will continue to talk to these communities to see how the suffering of animals during slaughter can be lessened,” he said.

  2. Dam, I’ll become a Vegan before I eat Halal meat. Time to sell my grill and my smoker. Caving in to a small percentage of the population to ensure that they will not eat something that is against their religious requirements is not the duty of all other citizens, it is the duty of members of that religion. I don’t remember my Jewish friends demanding that everything should be Kosher. If Safeway ain’t selling halal meat, go buy it at your local halal butcher shop. Which is probably going to get shut down anyways.

  3. “As our cultural diversity increases, more people are trying to secularise the holidays or appeal to a broad range of faiths, rather than just Christians celebrating Christmas.”

    Yep multi-culturalism and diversity works yeah, nah I don’t think so either.

    I/we (family) aren’t Christiansand we don’t celebrate Christmas but I would never insist on others to following our ways.

    Disgraceful of people to try and change their hosts ways, not on. Time to stop this multi-culti farce.

  4. There are few obligations that Christians are commanded / enjoined to observe. Not eating meats sacrificed to strange gods or idols is one of them. That excludes halal, as far as I am concerned, though what is bought innocently in the “shambles” is exempt. Chook, beef and lamb are suspect – pork is unlikely to be halal, so I eat it regularly.

  5. Not all of it, apparently ! ‘Hungry Jacks’ has dropped a tonne of bricks on this story, right in the middle of muslim territory ! Cheeky Franchisee !!! I wonder how long he will last ?

    Hungry Jack’s investigating restaurant claims it sells halal food | by: Paige Mason | From: Leader February 02, 2012 2:25PM

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