Australia's Culture of Corruption


Little red agit-props,  gotta get them young:

Journalist schools tend to turn out partisan journalists rather than ones with a more open mind. That is an issue for universities, frankly.”   (ABC groupthink enhanced)

Andrew Bolt:

Free speech for them, not thee

Judges have already used state power to punish people with “bad” opinions. And why wouldn’t they like such laws, when they themselves may be shielded by them?

CORRUPT judges will be protected from being named and shamed, unlike others in Victoria’s public sector, under Premier Ted Baillieu’s anti-corruption regime.


Be violent and you won’t be touched

“It was very, very difficult and became quite violent and we took the decision that we didn’t have the resources to get through at that time and we weren’t prepared to put our people at risk.

The Glo-bull Worming Racket:

Culture of Blackmail:

What’s Garrett got over this Government?

Peter Garrett is to be spared again in today’s reshuffle:

Ms Gillard was blocked from dumping Schools Minister Peter Garrett and Attorney-General Robert McClelland when NSW Right bosses stepped in to save them.

 Durban was a dud, deceit continues:

The Gillard Government cannot stop lying about the global warming scare. Now it sells failure at Durban as success: Greenpeace is right and Combet deceives: Durban was a dud

Cult of Race Hucksters: