Austria: Sabbaditsch-Wolff vs Sharia

“A Ludicrous Verdict”

Geert Wilders spoke out today in support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, expressing his outrage at the Austrian court for upholding her conviction.  (GOV)

Her crime:

“Muhammad had a thing for little girls.”

He did indeed.

PVV-leader Geert Wilders calls the conviction of an Austrian political activist for “despising religious beliefs” madness.

On the weblog Gates of Vienna PVV-leader Wilders called Sabaditsch-Wolff a brave woman and a beacon of light. Not only for Austria, but for the whole Western world.

The Austrian court, which based its verdict on European jurisprudence, ruled that freedom of opinion has to take the duty not offend others into account.   Read more »

Sharia Partially Imposed in Austria (Moonbattery)

The totalitarian impulse that made the Anschluss occur so smoothly dies hard in Austria, which instead of Nazis now welcomes Muslims as its authoritarian conquerors:

Freedom of speech no longer exists in Austria, as definitively proven by the Vienna high court. This week, a judge upheld the conviction against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on the following charge: “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.” In simplest terms, this means that Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff speaks the truth about Islam, and in Austria, as in other nations across the Western world currently transitioning to sharia (Islamic law), speaking the truth about Islam is not tolerated, and, more and more, is against the law.

Her crime was observing during a seminar she was teaching that “Muhammad had a thing for little girls.”

The court didn’t dispute that what Sabaditsch-Wolff was true. According to Muslims’ own hadiths, the bloodthirsty brigand who fathered their cult started raping Aisha when she was nine years old. But it is unflattering to Islam to draw attention to this sick behavior; therefore, it is forbidden in Austria in accordance with the sharia proscription against saying anything whatsoever that could be deemed critical of Muslims and their savage ideology.

This prohibition against freedom of conscience is now part of Austrian law as well. That the verdict upheld against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff actually imperils the most innocent and vulnerable among us — little girls whose molestation the courts have implicitly excused as a religious rite — only underscores the depravity of the Vienna high court.

Ironically, Islam’s last attempt to conquer Europe was halted at the gates of Vienna.

Europe’s liberal masters are creating a vacuum with their war against Western Civilization. Their intention is for Islam to fill that vacuum. To fully grasp their motives would make any morally sane person scream in horror.

11 thoughts on “Austria: Sabbaditsch-Wolff vs Sharia”

  1. Freedom of speech is one of the first things that suffers in a brainwashed society. Muslims have freedom of worship at the expense of nonMuslims freedoms. Europe is also basicly an unarmed society. Its illegal for the average citizen to own fire arms, and pretty soon Muslims will have legal rights fire arms and nonMuslims will not.

    It will come to a point where the West will have to stop turning her cheek to these savages, re-arm herself (both physically and ideologically) to turn this tide. To whom ever reads this: I’m not suggesting open season on Muslims, but rather, be prepared to defend you and your loved ones…

  2. Austria a country where politics is clearly confused by muddled thinking.
    Wissen sie was Eine Auseinandersetzung bedeutet?

  3. “Muhammad had a thing for little girls”

    Muhammedaneans still do – but what’s worse is that they are allowed to! Where is the mostly left “sisterhood” there? Hm?? Looking at the demographic of females who at best CONDONE if not promote this current practice, why are there so many peri menopausal crones among the islam-lovers/jew-haters? The wonderful Hirsi Ali for example tells in her autobiography that during the genital mutilation she suffered, it was her grand mother who held her down, while they butchered her.

  4. PS: and, I understand, it was a FEMALE judge who condemnd the courageous Elizabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf for tellin the truth, even though she told it “durch die Blume” ?

    Where is Herr Ewald now? Austria and the West need him!

  5. We all know that Mo had a thing for little girls but didn’t he also dabble in necrophilia? Isn’t there something in the Hadiths about Mo ‘laying’ with his dead aunt?

    Necro Pedo Mo, ho ho ho.

  6. Well said @Rita. Mohammedans are terrified that the evil core of their cult will be exposed and so the usual cry of ‘islamaphobe’ will reverberate. The more this sick cult is exposed, the better.

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