Fearful Koranimals

Fibby Hooper, CAIR: 

“Newt Gingrich’s sharia law stance is an extremist viewpoint that would lead to perpetual hostile interactions with the Muslim world”-  

“It’s truly frightening that a mainstream political candidate would hold such extremist conspiratorial views, and it would be even more frightening to see those views implemented in terms of foreign policy or domestic policy for that matter.”

 WTF?  Its Islam that is perpetually hostile to us. The time for a blowback is long overdue….

Islam Out of Our Schools!

WASHINGTON: Parents raise Hell over CAIR demands to teach Islam in public schools

HAMAS-Lobby CAIR- (The Council of America Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood org.)  says it presented the Puyallup School District with a request to brainwash young students with propaganda about Islam and the Muslim religion as a way to ease fears and ‘educate’ students.

CAIR wants Islam taught in school. Parents say NO religion in school

Barenaked Islam

Is Gingrich the Terminator?

Why Newt Gingrich’s War on Islam is good for America

Newt’s recent declaration that he would ask John Bolton to be his Secretary of State, and if we’re lucky, he would also choose Allen West as his Secretary of Defense will put the world on notice. The business of Islamic jihad, Islamization of the West and creeping Sharia isn’t business as usual anymore. The domestic and foreign Islamic thugs working to destroy America from within and America’s interests throughout the world would have a powerful new foe who intends to return America to its rightful position as the world’s only superpower where the motto is, ‘We don’t care if they like us, as long as they fear us.’

Not surprisingly, Newt has the left wing moonbats foaming at the mouth because they understand that Newt’s ideas are more than just campaign rhetoric. Newt has named the enemy and will not be made impotent by political correctness that forces most politicians into caving to the notion that Islam is a religion of peace.

Gingrich’s 2010 documentary, “America At Risk: The War With No Name,” portrays a disturbing vision of the world in which the U.S. and its western allies are at war with Islam, vividly demonstrating the dangers facing America, one decade after the attacks on 9/11. Today, Washington refuses to tell the truth about the war we are fighting. According to experts, we are at war with Islamists – and it is a war we are losing. “This war will go on until either the entire world either embraces Islam or submits to Islamic rule,” says historian Bernard Lewis, while appearing in the film.

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