BNI in the crosshairs of CAIR

An update from this:

Hamas-linked CAIR again wars on free speech, tries to get anti-jihad website shut down  (JW)

Well, they didn’t succeed, but you know they will keep trying.

HAMAS-linked CAIR has BNI in the crosshairs again re: Campaign to get advertisers to drop the TLC farce called ‘All-American Muslim’

Apparently the success of the campaign waged by the Florida Family Association assisted by Bare Naked Islam readers, in convincing several advertisers to pull the plug on All-American Muslim, isn’t sitting too well with CAIR and its affiliated Muslim extremist groups.

BNI and its readers send heartfelt thanks to the FLORIDA FAMILY ASSOCIATION for their help in educating TLC advertisers about the fraud being perpetrated by that show re: Islamic community in this country.

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad:

“The program’s detractors are using every stereotype in the book to defame American Muslims and to demonize Islam.”

The  decrepit Sheila Musaji from  THE AMERICAN MUSLIM is another accuser who sounds off as if she was  a movement:

American Companies Accused of Joining the All-American Anti-Muslim Bandwagon

by Sheila Musaji

Within days of the show’s premiere, the fear-mongering Islamphobia network complained the show is actually propaganda that promotes a “submission to Islam through the hijab” and “tries to make a religion which believes in world domination and the inferiority of women, seem normal”. The author of this article, posted on David Horowitz’s inflammatory Front Page Magazine, also goes on to compare Muslims to Nazis: “Muslims are like us [Americans]; that’s the problem. The Nazis were like us too. So were the Communists.”  (More from Sheila)


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  1. Some of the followers of BNI write very disconcerting notes, but it is their absolute right to do so, but it really doesn’t matter since CAIR would have been just as outraged if the sentiments were “Islam bites” or “Mohammed sucks” (both true of course). CAIR has a fundamental problem with any expression of free speech with which they disagree. That is why the furtive and secretive organization can best be described as “anti-civil rights,” no matter how they characterize themselves.

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