Christianity on the Way Out!

Liberal Lunacy in the UK: No Support For Christians

Ministers won’t back cross-ban Christians: Ex-archbishop condemns ‘illiberal’ assault on faith

What a disgrace:

Christian lawyers say the rights of the four to express their beliefs at work should be protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, which allows individuals to ‘manifest’ their faith in public.  But the Government, in 40 pages of legal arguments drawn up by the Foreign Office, said they were not protected because neither wearing a cross nor following their conscience at work was a core requirement of their faith. (source)

Archlunatic of Canterbury: Jesus would have joined the Occupy Movement

“Defecators of the world, unite!”— Tundra Tabloids

Running the gauntlet in the Maldives:

From the Religion of Peace

Other offerings:

2011.12.10 (Landikotal, Pakistan) – Religious extremists tear down two Sufi shrines and murder an elderly caretaker.
2011.12.10 (Jos, Nigeria) – Islamists bomb an outdoor bar showing a soccer match on TV, killing at least one fan.
2011.12.10 (Sham, Pakistan) – Terrorists take down a child and injure three women with a landmine.
2011.12.10 (Kunduz, Afghanistan) – Islamists attach a bomb to a bicycle that manages to kill two innocents.
2011.12.10 (Khakrez, Afghanistan) – Sunni bombers murder three civilians riding a taxi.
2011.12.09 (Karachi, Pakistan) – A 45-year-old Shia man is gunned down in his own home by Wahhabis.