Egypt: Between Halal & Haram

Andrew Bolt:

So much for Egypt’s Facebook revolution

FIRST problem: Western journalists in foreign countries like to interview residents who speak English – which means they’re not typical.

Second: They prefer the familiar.

That’s why we read that Egypt’s “Arab Spring” revolution this year was whipped up by people on Twitter and Facebook. Educated people.

And it’s why many journalists presented Wael Ghonim as its face.

Here’s USA Today: “For his role in galvanising protests through a Facebook group … Google executive Wael Ghonim became a hero of the Egyptian revolution.”

So relax. Free Egypt’s leaders would be much like our own.

Really? The first round of Egypt’s elections are over and Islamists have triumphed instead.

The “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood won 32.5 per cent of the vote, and the hardline Al-Nur party 20.7 per cent.

The journalists’ favourite, the liberal Wafd party, got just 14 per cent.

Egypt’s Salafists set out plans for Sharia:

“In the land of Islam, I can’t let people decide what is permissible or what is prohibited”

Allah & the Brotherhood:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on allegations of vote buying and fraud: Shut up

“Not Interested”

Hilarious: Spokesman for Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s political party says it “is not interested in imposing Islamic values on Egypt”

Back to the 7th Century:

 Salafist candidate denounces Egyptian Nobel Prize winner’s work as “inciting promiscuity, prostitution and atheism”

Bridge for sale:

Egypt’s Salafists attempt charm offensive after strong showing in elections

‘Democracy’ under sharia:

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  1. Only the congenitally stupid or a naive gullible Islamophile , Green NAZI, left wing moonbat couldn’t see this coming . Come to think of it left wing moonbats and the congenitally stupid are one and the same thing.

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