Erdogan vs France

A Turkish Wannabe Caliph Goes Apeshit:

Turkish PM accuses France of genocide after French Parliament criminalizes denial of Armenian genocide

Turkish Prime Minister ErdoÄŸan shows a copy of a 1526 letter sent by Ottoman Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent to French King Francis I in response to the French king’s request for help after being captured by the Spanish King Charles V during the Battle

The Armenian genocide was a fact, and the Turkish refusal to admit its existence is of a piece with the consistent Islamic supremacist tendency never, ever to admit wrongdoing, and to project their faults upon others. As a believer in the freedom of speech, I believe that the antidote to lies is truth, not censorship, and so I oppose France’s new law, but there is no doubt that its foundation is correct and its intention is good. And Erdogan’s reaction is the quintessential Islamic supremacist response to the truth about Islamic jihad: evasion, finger-pointing, projection, and claiming of victim status.

“Turks most tolerant, helpful and compassionate”

“Mr. Sarkozy cannot find genocide in the history of Turkey. Once he looks into Turkish history, he cannot find anything other than Turks’ tolerance, help and compassion,” ErdoÄŸan said.

“Turkey Accuses France of Genocide After Armenian Bill,” from Reuters, December 23 (thanks to JW):

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused France of genocide in Algeria in the 1940s and 50s, in his latest response to a French parliament vote to make it a crime to deny that the mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey was genocide.Erdogan also said President Nicolas Sarkozy’s father might have direct knowledge about French “massacres” in Algeria.

We are told Muslims and Christians lived side by side peaceably for years under Islamic rule – namely Ottoman - but one troubling question remains –

>> Where are all the Christians??

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Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador

“In Algeria from 1945, an estimated 15 percent of the population was massacred by the French. This is a genocide,” Erdogan said on live television.

15 percent of the population? Ridiculous and unsupportable historically — unlike the Armenian genocide.

“If the French President Mr Sarkozy doesn’t know about this genocide he should go and ask his father, Paul Sarkozy.”His father served in the French Legion in Algeria in the 1940s. I am sure he would have lots to tell his son about the French massacres in Algeria,” the Turkish premier said.

Parliamentarians in France’s lower house of parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a draft law outlawing genocide denial Thursday, which the Senate will debate next year.

If passed, the bill would make it illegal to deny the 1915 mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks amounted to genocide. The issue has caused outrage in Turkey, which argues killings took place on all sides during a fierce partisan conflict.

Erdogan condemned the bill shortly after the vote, recalled Ankara’s ambassador to France for consultations and cancelled all joint economic, political and military meetings. Friday, he vowed to take more steps….

“The vote in the French parliament has shown how dangerous racism, discrimination and Islamophobia have become in France and Europe.”

Although nearly a century has passed since the killings in the middle of World War One, successive Turkish governments and the vast majority of Turks feel the charge of Armenian genocide is an insult to their nation.

Erdogan’s temper tantrums:

This is the pot calling the kettle black. The entire history of the Ottoman Empire is one of genocide waged against everyone they came upon, going right back to 1389 against the Serbs, the mass slaughter of Christians in Constantinople in 1453, Greeks in Athens in 1460, Hungarians after Mohacs in 1526, Greeks at Famagusta in 1570. Every time Turkish armies retreated, they left a trail of death and destruction. And there was the cruel Devshirme system, and more recently the slaughter of Greeks in the Greek War of Independence 1821-30, and the Armenian Genocides of the mid 19th – early 20th Centuries. The slaughter of Greeks at Smyrna in 1922 and far more recently on Cyprus in 1974. That is the history of Turkey. And us Brits must have been sick to prevent the Russians from destroying the Ottoman Empire in the 1820s.

Over 1,300 years – including 600+ years of the Ottoman Empire and what counts as ‘modern’ Turkey, far far more than the Bulgarians have been butchered. This is only the tip of a giant iceberg. Every part of Ottoman land where infidels were present faced this savagery, from the Ukraine to North Africa with too many to count murdered in cold blood. And they kidnapped, enslaved and murdered infidels in their homes and churches far away from Ottoman-controlled lands. Just imagine minding your own business in Iceland one day, then sold on the slave markets in North Africa two weeks or so later, which did happen when Barbary Pirates from the Ottoman Empire called.

(Spirit Of 1683 )

Not one Muslim has ever admitted responsibility for Muselmanic atrocities or for his own actions ever, anywhere.

Christians must pay the jiziya:

….according to an article by Der Spiegel, the Turks have been toying with the idea of reintroducing the dreaded Islamic jizya tax. Though the writer for Der Spiegel was clinging to everything Islamic ~ he did not understand the significance of the statement and presented the proposed tax as a solution to violence against Christians in that country. The argument was coming from the Turkish side ~ was that under the Ottoman Empire, Christians and Muslims lived side by side [peacefully] ~ for years with the Christians/non-Muslims paying the jizya tax. The best way to describe the jizya tax is like a Mafia tax, you have been living there since heavens knows when ~ and someone comes by and says you need to pay for protection ~ when you say ~ what for ~ next thing your window is broken. That is the Islamic tax, of which its collection ended during western colonization. For the native Christians in the region, today, to have to pay a tax for protection is ridiculous and outright criminal.

Recently the German President ~ on a trip to Turkey told the Turks that the Christians there should have equal rights [to practise their religion]. This is a country that wants to enter Europe!

One of the reasons for the Armenian massacre, was because they started to ask for equal rights. So they killed them all. And to polish the Turkish denial off ~ Erdogan said, No Muslim can commit genocide.

These Muslims are dreaming ~ the idea is that one day they will rule the world ~ but people are attracted to places like America and Europe, on masse, because it offers freedom. Their idea is to trap people in their religion and in their ideology ~ and for the most part it is bankrupt. To prove it ~ that is why we have so many Muslim immigrants ~ literally fleeing its conditions.
Then once they get here ~ then we are supposed to make our countries like the ones they just left. If the Islamic system was so great ~ why did they leave?

They didn’t just leave: they were murdered!

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  1. What sweet, sweet music that is. Nobody can chew somebody out quite like a German speaker. I don’t even speak German, but I’ll say anyway, for oration, Ewald Stadler makes Adolph Hitler look like a whiny little girl. And of course for actual content, Hitler had nothing to say.

  2. Quote:
    Greeks at Famagusta in 1570.

    No. Bragadin and the authorities were Venetian.
    There may have been Greeks among them, but the island was under Venetian control.
    It was Venetian authority that was challenged and upturned, and a Venetian governor who was killed, his hide fermented and stuffed, paraded through the streets of Constantinople.
    It was Famagusta that galvanized a divided and uncertain group of European societies against the Turks, and provoked the Battle of Lepanto.

  3. I’ve been watching Ewald Stadler’s political progress. He is now an Austrian representative to the EU Parliament, sworn in this month.

  4. I’ve been watching Ewald Stadler’s political progress. He is now an Austrian representative to the EU Parliament, sworn in this month.

  5. Whoops ! And I thought I was the only one remembering this oh-so-satisfying moment of that speech, when I posted a link to it above, before reading this!

    Where is this man now? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had “promoted” out of Austria, now that the ANSCHLUSS seems nearly complete.

  6. Foreign Affairs Says Islam was ‘Born Sword in Hand’ and Turks ‘Have Destroyed but Never Built’

    Unfortunately it said it in 1923, before the era of political correctness set in.
    Islam alone of all the great religions of the human race was
    born sword in hand. Islam has always relied on the sword,
    and for thirteen hundred years the Mollah who reads the
    Friday prayers in the Mosques wears a sword, even if only made
    of wood, as a symbol of his creed. Today Turkey, having cheated
    the Nemesis which four years ago seemed to have irretrievably
    overtaken her, claims to speak in the name of Islam; and millions
    of Mohammedans, including Indian Mohammedans, acclaim her
    as the invincible sword of the Faith, whilst other millions of
    Asiatics who are not Mohammedan hail her as the champion
    and spearhead of an Asian revolt against the West.

    This is a grave portent for all the Western nations that are in
    close contact with the East; especially grave for Britain, who by a
    singular procession of events has become a great Asiatic Empire
    and rules in India alone over roughly a quarter of all the Mohammedans
    in the world; and gravest of all when one looks back on
    Turkey’s record ever since she emerged into history.

    From the time when the Turks streamed westward out of their
    pagan homelands in Central Asia and picked up Islam on the way,
    they have destroyed but never built. They destroyed Saracenic
    civilization when they broke up all the early Mohammedan
    States of Western Asia, and, wresting the leadership of Islam from
    the more highly gifted Semitic Arabs, they impressed upon it the
    baser stamp of their Turanian race. Stout fighters to the present
    day, they have contributed nothing of their own to human
    progress, nothing to science or art or literature, and what they
    borrowed from Persians and Arabs they have degraded. The first
    ten Sultans of the House of Othman were great conquerors with
    some conceptions of statesmanship, but after them the power
    passed to the effete and blood-stained creatures of the Seraglio
    and to the corrupt Pashas of the Sublime Porte.

    The devastating tide of Turkish conquest, sweeping over the
    Christian kingdoms and principalities of South Eastern Europe,
    became a formidable danger to Western civilization until it was
    at last arrested outside the gates of Vienna in 1683. It then
    swiftly receded.
    Source: “Islam and Britain” by Sir Valentine Chirol, Foreign Affairs, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Mar. 15, 1923).

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