Ezra Levant vs the Freedom Sack and Islamofascism in Canuckistan

Brother, what a gift to have a mouth like Ezra! Watch him rail against sharia, the hideous shrouds the soldiers of allah force on women and the lies perpetuated by unhinged Islamofascists like Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy:

Ezra responds to some Islamic responders of the face cover ban in citizenship court.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for this exhilarating vid!


Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy spent nearly two hours with the Herald’s editorial board before announcing he would withdraw his two-year-long Alberta human rights complaint against Ezra Levant, the publisher of the defunct Western Standard magazine.

While preparing for the meeting, a quick search on Canwest’s library system showed a Jan. 17, 2004, column written by the cleric.

In it,  Imam Syed Soharwardy  wrote:

“Sharia cannot be customized for specific countries. These universal, divine laws are for all people of all countries for all times.”

In the same column he also boasts:

“I am one of the founding members of the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice. The mandate of the institute is to resolve disputes within existing Canadian laws by using the principles of conflict resolution from Islamic Law, or sharia.”

His column is clear. He wanted to bring sharia to Canada and even helped found the organization that spearheaded the drive to do so.

But in our meeting, Soharwardy denied his own column. “I never asked to bring sharia in Canada,” he now insists.

Whenever a Muslim opens his mouth, he lies.