Hatred for the sake of Allah

ISLAM on Hating

  • Anyone who criticises Islam is quickly accused of hate speech so it is important to understand Islam’s position on hating.
  • Islam has a doctrine called “al wala’a wal bara’a” which is one of the strongest bonds of faith.
  • Muslims must love what Allah loves and hate what Allah hates. And Allah hates unbelievers (kafirs)

 Muslims must hate over 22 million Australians.

Al wala’a wal bara’a (loving and hating for Allah)

According to Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Qahtaani: “Love is the source of wala’ and hate is the source of bara’; it is by this that both the heart and the hand are moved to act. Wala’ inspires intimacy, concern and help. Bara’ provokes obstruction, enmity and rejection. Wala’ and Bara’ are both related to the declaration of faith and constitute essential elements in it. The evidence of this from the Qur’an and the Sunnah is considerable”.

The Rank of the Belief in al-Wala’a wal Bara’a

The belief in Al-Wala’ wal Bara’ occupies a meritorious rank in the Islamic Aqeedah.
The eminent creed of Al-Wala’u wa Al-Bara’ is the strongest bond of Iman (faith). Al-Barra’ bin A’aazeb (r.a.a.) narrates that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “The strongest bond of Iman is the love for Allah’s sake and the hatred for Allah’s sake” (Reported by Imam Ahmad).

From the Classic Manual of Islamic Law – The Reliance of the Traveller
(translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller)

The doctrine of al-wala’a wal bara’a is:

“hatred for the sake of Allah, being unyielding toward the unbelievers, hard against them and
detesting them”. (Law w59.2 page 1015)

The unbeliever (kafir) is hated by Allah and believing Muslims as the Quran explains:
1. The unbeliever (kafir) is the vilest of creatures [Sura 8:55]
2. The kafirs are greatly hated by Allah and his believers [Sura 40:35]
3. A kafir can be mocked [Sura 83:34], beheaded [Sura 47:4], plotted against [Sura 86:15],
terrorised [Sura 8:12], disgraced [Sura 37:18] and cursed [Sura 33:16].
Muslims are not to befriend kafirs [Sura 5:51,57) and are not to give charity (zakat) to an unbeliever,
according to law h8.24 on page 274 (the Reliance of the Traveller).

During the Victorian bushfires a few years ago, chatter on the Muslim Village website said Muslims
would not donate because they were afraid their money would help a kafir and not a Muslim.

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