Islamic Diversity Causes Conflicts Everywhere

Highlight of the year was Robert Spencer’s Australia Schlep

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Finland: Islamic Indoctrination Needs Police Protection

Children have no right to choose what religion to follow- (or not to follow…)

Mustafa Kara was the one who stated on Finnish TV during an “Islam night” discussion that “the demand for sharia law in Finland is not yet the right time”. (KGS-Tundra Tabloids)

Finland: the Truth is No Defense

Finnish MP Fined for Objecting to Islamic Demographic Conquest

No one disputes that what Hirvisaari wrote is true.

Europe will soon face a choice between quiet eradication and a desperate struggle for survival. If it chooses the latter, things will get dicey for the sanctimonious liberal elite that put it in this situation.

Freedom of Speech to be Restored in Canada?

Thanks to Ezra there is a blowback against multicultural totalitarians in Canada. Evil Thought Crime Law Goes To Court (BCF)

I’ll believe it when I see it:

As Minister Jason Kenney recently noted to Ezra Levant: Section 13… “has been abused by people seeking to shutdown freedom of expression without due process or natural justice”  

Professor not “open minded” enough on Islam, loses job

Two  (Muslim) students told the professor that he did not have the right to read from the Koran and that he should throw away his books. “I was quoting directly from the Koran and yet they objected to that,” Derengowski said. “It was an hour’s worth of disruption.”

Here’s somebody else who read from the Koran:

 Spencer with Pastor Danny Niallah  (Brisbane)

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