Muslims who fled civil war in Somalia and Lebanon and got asylum in Australia sentenced for plotting jihad murder at army base

Gratitude is not in the Islamic dictionary. Especially  not  to filthy kafirs who take them in, give them free health care, housing, welfare and all the rest. This is the inevitable result when you allow primitive tribal savages into a civilized country.

Muslims who fled civil war in Somalia and Lebanon and got asylum in Australia sentenced for plotting jihad murder at army base

Justice Betty King doesn’t get it. Aweys and El Sayed were not ungrateful, as far as they themselves were concerned. They think they were doing Australians a favor by killing a few kuffar in order to terrorize and weaken Australian society, and thereby pave the way for Sharia rule. “Judge berates terrorists who were given refuge in Australia,” by Norrie Ross for the Herald Sun, December 17 (thanks to  JW):

THREE terrorists had repaid the kindness of Australians with an evil plot to slaughter dozens of soldiers at an army base, a judge said yesterday.Justice Betty King said the families of Saney Aweys, 28, and Nayev El Sayed, 27, had fled civil war in Somalia and Lebanon, while Libyan Wissam Fattal, 35, came to Australia to further his kickboxing career.

“The fact that Australia welcomed all of you, and nurtured you and your families, is something that should cause you all to hang your heads in shame that this was the way you planned to show your thanks for that support,” the judge said.

“Your views about Australia and Australians, and your attitude towards the country’s armed forces, its civilians, and its government, were clear. Your plans were evil.”

Justice King jailed the three for 18 years, and set minimum terms of 13 1/2 years[.]

The judge said Fattal, Aweys and El Sayed were all unrepentant radical Muslims and would remain a threat to the public while they held extremist views. But of the three, only Fattal can be deported on his release from jail. His co-conspirators have Australian citizenship.

Justice King said the men had planned an armed attack on Sydney’s Holsworthy army base by up to six men, who would shoot dead as many people as they could before they were killed.

She said they all had a connection to the Preston mosque, support for a Somalian terrorist group, and were driven by extremist Muslim views.

“All of you believe in the principle of martyrdom. All of you believe it is your obligation to oppose and deal with those you describe as infidels,” the Supreme Court judge said.

“It is an unfortunate but widely known fact that some Muslims hold extremist views of not only their religion, but of their obligation under their religion to martyrdom, (and) have engaged in worldwide terrorism.”

Yet another judge assumes she knows more about Islam than devout and observant Muslims, and presumes to lecture them about it and tell them they’re holding “extremist views.”

The judge said the men’s plan was amateurish and far from sophisticated.But it was “deadly serious” and, if carried out, its results would have been horrific.

Fattal, who has caused trouble consistently in court and in jail, was dragged out of court before sentencing when he began a rant about “Jews, Palestine and Afghanistan”, and said he did not recognise the court.

At the end of the sentencing, El Sayed shouted “God Allah is with us”, as a woman wept hysterically…


I blame Jooliar & KRudd:

Ship with “migrants” from Middle East en route to Australia sinks off Indonesia island

Note that Islamic Indonesia was only a transit point for the Muslim “migrants” seeking asylum not in the land of Allah but in the land of the infidels. What gives?

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A wooden ship believed to be carrying more than 200 migrants, many of them from the Middle East, sank Saturday off Indonesia’s main island of Java, local media reported. So far only 33 people have been rescued.

Police blamed the accident on overloading, telling the official news agency Antara that the vessel appeared to have been carrying more than twice its capacity. […]

Indonesia, a sprawling archipelagic nation of 240 million people, has more than 18,000 islands and thousands of miles (kilometers) of unpatrolled coastline, making it a key transit point for smuggling migrants.

Those on board Saturday — apparently heading to Australia — were from Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

The private television station Metro TV reported that 33 people had been found alive and that perhaps 215 others were still missing.

Last month a ship carrying about 70 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan capsized off the southern coast of Central Java; at least eight people died.

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  1. these people are not asylum seekers they are soldiers of islam sent here to help repopulate australia and turn it into an islamic country. make no mistake we are at war. all government partys letting this happen should be charged with treason and jailed.

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