How the Lame Stream Media Ignores Islamic Jew Hatred

“The [mainstream media] is guilty in two senses for not covering the pervasiveness of this grotesque hatred. They not only reported Palestinian lethal narratives bordering on blood libels as news, they did not report the hatreds that inspired such narratives.”

More on that elephant in the room: the antisemitism that the Arab Spring has helped bring to the surface, while politically correct fantasies and “the soft bigotry of low expectations” lead many to turn a blind eye to it. “Muslim anti-Semitism, Israel and the dynamics of self-destructive scapegoating,” by Richard Landes for the Telegraph, December 1 via JW and BCF:

Kuwaiti Preacher: Allah Transformed the Jews, the “Scum of Mankind,” into Apes and Pigs

Gratitude is not in the Islamic vocabulary. How was that again with the liberation of Kuwait a while ago?

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The Great Spencer Schlep Around Australia

 Not done yet; the show must go on: we’re on the last leg of the great Spencer schlep around Australia. Doesn’t matter that only one politician (Fred Nile)  had the guts to meet with him, doesn’t matter that that most of  the radio and TV jocks are more than timid, even hostile: the truth will out!

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Robert Spencer in Sydney, Australia, November 29

 Robert Spencer in Sydney, November 29, 2011
by Assad Elepty

Robert Spencer, who has written 10 books and hundreds of articles on the nature of Islam and the threat it poses to western societies, spoke in central Sydney to a packed audience on the evening of November 29, 2011. He has already spoken in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne and has given radio interviews while in this country.
He was introduced by Vickie Jansen of the Q Society.

Robert Spencer takes questions from Muslim callers on 2GB radio in Australia

Chris Smith interviewed me on Sydney’s 2GB radio shortly before my talk there Tuesday evening. Listen here. Omar and Muhammad call in toward the end of the segment.

ABC interviews Robert Spencer

No, not that ABC. Wednesday evening Steve Austin of Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Brisbane, Queensland interviewed me about my Australian speaking tour and a number of related topics regarding the stealth jihad. Listen here.

 There’s always the useful idiots who are opting for preemptive dhimmitude and sharia.

“Hate mail hits westside letterboxes”

Is there anyone who scrapes and bows deeper  than clueless  Deputy Premier and Member for Mt Coot-tha Andrew Fraser?

Andrew Fraser, freshly baked expert on Islam:

“The flyer makes a number of outrageous and false claims that the practice of Islam by many Australians threatens our food production, academic integrity in our schools, and equal access to public spaces. “There is no room in Queensland for hate politics,” he said.

Couldn’t be, right?

Another report on Robert Spencer in Australia: “I found the evening to be wonderfully refreshing”


Robert Spencer in Sydney, November 29, 2011
by Assad Elepty

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Sharia Downunder: “We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

“We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

Andrew Bolt – Friday, December 02, 11

Once you betray a principle, the exception swiftly becomes the rule. There can be little objection to a Koranic court once you’ve agreed to Koorie courts, and begun the retribalisation of a community once founded on the principle of a common humanity, bound by a common law:

A VICTORIAN Somali community leader has called for Koranic courts to hear cases involving Muslims in the same way Koori courts are offered as an alternative for Aboriginal offenders.

Somali Community of Victoria president Abdurahman Osman said Koranic courts would maintain Islamic culture while also reducing legal costs borne by the state.

“Instead of applying sharia law in Australia, it is better to have a Koranic court (like) the court Australia has for the Aborigines,” he said. “That could help all African communities, especially the Somali community.

“We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

Indigenous defendants who plead guilty to their charges and live in certain areas can elect to have their case heard in the more informal setting of the Koori court. Indigenous sentencing courts operate in all mainland states and territories, usually as a division of the magistrates court.

Australia, a 'Godforsaken' country

  • Australia a ‘Godforsaken country’ – group
  • Secular democracy is ‘un-Islamic’
  • Islamic group’s presence sparks protest

 Salim Atchia from global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir addresses a conference of radical headbangers and subversives…..

LEADERS of the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir have called on Australian Muslims to spurn secular democracy and Western notions of moderate Islam and join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.


Because they are Muslims:

  • “What is causing Muslim asylum seekers parasites, who are  flooding into Australia, to riot, burn buildings, attack police and terrorize the community…? (BNI)

British Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Burhan Hanif told participants at a conference in western Sydney yesterday that democracy is “haram” (forbidden) for Muslims, whose political engagement should be be based purely on Islamic law.

“We must adhere to Islam and Islam alone,” Mr Hanif told about 500 participants attending the convention in Lidcombe.

Police step in to clam things down during the protest

“We should not be conned or succumb to the disingenuous and flawed narrative that the only way to engage politically is through the secular democratic process. It is prohibited and haram.”

He said democracy was incompatible with Islam because the Koran insisted Allah was the sole lawmaker, and Muslim political involvement could not be based on “secular and erroneous concepts such as democracy and freedom”.

His view was echoed by an Australian HT official, Wassim Dourehi, who told the conference Muslims should not support “any kafir (non-believer) political party”, because humans have no right to make laws.

Mr Dourehi also urged Muslims to spurn the concept of moderate Islam promoted by governments in the West, including in “this godforsaken country” of Australia.

“We need to reject this new secular version of Islam,” he said. “It is a perverted concoction of Western governments.

“It is a perversion that seeks to wipe away the political aspects of Islam and localise our concerns. We must reject it and challenge the proponents of this aberration of Islam.”

The conference, which followed the theme The struggle for Islam in the West’ was the first major event held by the Australian branch of HT since a seminar in 2007 which coincided with calls for the group to be banned.

HT is outlawed in much of the Middle East but operates legally in more than 40 countries, campaigning for the establishment of a caliphate or Islamic state.

HT’s platform rejects the use of violence in its quest for an Islamic state, but supports the military destruction of Israel.

APP member Nick Folkes, left, faces off with one a Muslim man during yesterday’s protest.

 TheAustralian Protectionist Party said Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir have no place in society.

But the group’s presence sparked angry protests outside as members of the Australian Protectionist Party (APP) yelled anti-Islam chants.

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