Pakistan: Koranimals Destroyed Over 5000 Schools in 5 Years….

Some achievement, that.

But seriously, why do you need education when you got Islam? Thanks to allah they are breeding  rocket scientists by the millions:

Peshawar—The ANP leader Senator Haji Muhammad Adeel Saturday said that education system has been destroyed by non other than our own Muslim brothers in Pakistan as militants destroyed over 5000 schools in five years period. (Paki Observer)

Well, at least they don’t blame the Jews for that. Not yet, anyway, but they will.

Just like in Thailand and in at least 30 other theaters of jihad worldwide:

The intrepid mujahedin, gunning down teachers and forcing school closures in the entire province. Later on, they, along with analysts in the West, will complain about the region being poor and underdeveloped, and say it causes jihad. But this is a classic example of jihad causing poverty, and obliterating the means of improving one’s lot in life.


Its all good:

The chained up Koran students in a Paki dungeon were there  with their parents consent:

Parents of the children found abused in a Karachi madrassah have told The Daily Telegraph they approved of the brutal methods being used in the Islamic school’s cellars.

Parents ‘Approved’ of Their Children in Seminary Dungeon…