Rape Epidemic in Oslo

Ministerial Coverup of Muslim Rape Epidemic in Oslo:

Government in denial:

Islamophobes lie about rapes in Oslo”

‘Our rapists are better  (or worse?)  than yours…’ 

Islam agit-prop Farha Khaled attacks the “Zionist Expansionist Project”:

“If Ronen believes that expelling Norway’s Muslims will make the Zionist expansionist project more acceptable to Norwegians then it’s a misguided assumption.”

Batten down the hatches, Norway: the Zionists are coming to get ya!

Norway’s State-Controlled Media (GoV)

Making sure no one rattles their cocoon…. News in Norway is as boring as the indoctrinated socialist zombies the system produces…..

Da Jooozzz did 9/11!

This doofus  seems to believe it was a Muselmanic achievement:

Its a business!

h/t the great Big Fur Hat at iOwnTheWorld via Atlas

We’re constantly clubbed on the head with the claim that the Muslim world condemns 9/11, abhors 9/11, etc. So who manufactured these shirts, knowing they’d be able to sell enough of them to make it profitable?

We should produce our own shirts:

  • “9/11 was an inside job”
  • “George W. Bush did 9/11”
  • “There is no proof Osama did it”
  • “Muslims are too dumb to do something that complicated…”

Fill in the rest yourself………………………………