Religion of Bloodthirsty Child Killers

Thanks to the Elder of Ziyon

Kill a Jew and go to heaven:

Abbas meets, praises bloodthirsty child killer

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for meeting freed Palestinian terrorist Amna Muna during a visit to Turkey on Wednesday.

Amna Muna is not a simple murderer. She’s a coldblooded, vicious killer of an innocent teenage boy whose only crime was being an Israeli Jew.

That makes her a heroine to the leader of the “moderate” Palestinian Authority.

Abbas didn’t just meet her as part of a crowd of ex-prisoners. He showed his honor and respect for the child killer by meeting her in private! (The entire video is proudly displayed on Abbas’ YouTube channel.)

Haaretz reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for meeting freed Palestinian terrorist Amna Muna during a visit to Turkey on Wednesday.

Every Israeli is a Soldier, Right?

Financial Times refuses to correct Hamas claim

Honest Reporting called them out on the claim that Hamas had killed 1,365 Israeli soldiers – when in fact most of the dead are civilian,and obviously targeted as civilians – but the Financial Times refused to issue the correction.

All your holy sites are belong to us:

Jews peacefully visit their holiest site, Muslims freak out

Once again, Muslims are up in arms over several groups of Jews visiting the Temple Mount, site of both historic Jewish Temples.

“Only four more Israeli soldiers need to be captured”

The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners has said that all Palestinian prisoners could be out of jail if only four more Israeli soldiers are captured.

And this Pali Monster is Free Again and Can’t Wait to Kill Jews…. (BCF)

Eli E. Hertz

It is remarkable to note the April 22, 1925 Report of the first High Commissioner on the Administration of Palestine, Sir Herbert Louis Samuel describing Jewish Peoplehood:

“During the last two or three generations the Jews have recreated in Palestine a community, now numbering 80,000, of whom about one fourth are farmers or workers upon the land. This community has its own political organs, an elected assembly for the direction of its domestic concerns, elected councils in the towns, and an organisation for the control of its schools. It has its elected Chief Rabbinate and Rabbinical Council for the direction of its religious affairs. Its business is conducted in Hebrew as a vernacular language, and a Hebrew press serves its needs. It has its distinctive intellectual life and displays considerable economic activity. This community, then, with its town and country population, its political, religious and social organisations, its own language, its own customs, its own life, has in fact national characteristics. “

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  1. This should be a stern winarng to all of us in the United States!Aren’t we seeing a preview of what we can expect as a result of the globalists’ policies of unlimited (legal or illegal) immigration while simultaneously discouraging assimilation of the immigrants?For years the globalist “intellectual elites” and United Nations apologists, who have been preaching “a world without borders”, have been pompously deriding the rest of us for our lack of sophistication in not embracing a more “cosmopolitan” European worldview. In Paris today we’re seeing the prize at the end of that rainbow.We must continue to fight to protect U.S. sovereignty, gain control of immigration, and get back to encouraging the assimilation of those immigrants into our society. The “melting pot” that was the United States has always been one of the keys to our greatness. That is what built our great nation, not a collection of “tribes” all jealously guarding their own separate identities in the name of “ethnic diversity”.

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