Sharia Downunder: “We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

“We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

Andrew Bolt – Friday, December 02, 11

Once you betray a principle, the exception swiftly becomes the rule. There can be little objection to a Koranic court once you’ve agreed to Koorie courts, and begun the retribalisation of a community once founded on the principle of a common humanity, bound by a common law:

A VICTORIAN Somali community leader has called for Koranic courts to hear cases involving Muslims in the same way Koori courts are offered as an alternative for Aboriginal offenders.

Somali Community of Victoria president Abdurahman Osman said Koranic courts would maintain Islamic culture while also reducing legal costs borne by the state.

“Instead of applying sharia law in Australia, it is better to have a Koranic court (like) the court Australia has for the Aborigines,” he said. “That could help all African communities, especially the Somali community.

“We need this kind of court, this is our culture.”

Indigenous defendants who plead guilty to their charges and live in certain areas can elect to have their case heard in the more informal setting of the Koori court. Indigenous sentencing courts operate in all mainland states and territories, usually as a division of the magistrates court.

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  1. They want their own courts, but are complaining that the kuffar aren’t too keen to employ them …

    African doctors are driving Melbourne’s taxis

    [Victorian Somali community leader Abdurahman Osman warned extreme levels of unemployment among migrants from the Horn of Africa could easily lead to social unrest as occurred in Paris in 2005.]

    * Just what we need – carbecues.

  2. A few thoughts on the subject of non-Muslim Aboriginal Australians, vs. Muslims.

    Aboriginal people were here for something like 1400 generations before Europeans arrived. That is one HELL of a long time. To visualise it, go to a beach. Assume that one step is 25 years – one generation. Take eight steps; that’s the entire period of European presence in Australia. Take 1382 steps: that’s how long Aboriginal people have been here. They have been here longer than there have been Jews in the Holy Land. I get annoyed when people dismiss that depth of human continuity as if it were nothing at all; as if it were no different than two or three or five or seven generations.

    And unlike Muslims Aboriginal people revel in representational art and music and don’t object to dogs, pork, or women with hair and faces showing. (Pre-colonial times, men and women walked about virtually naked, and nonrelated men and women did interact with one another socially.). So *traditional* aboriginal culture conflicts with sharia in some pretty major areas. (I should add that whereas Muslim ‘communities’ tend to obsessively inbreed, traditional Aboriginal society viewed cousin marriage as a big no-no – they saw it as tantamount to brother-sister incest).

    And of course – Muslims don’t recognise Aboriginal non-Muslim ownership of land any more than they recognise the right of any other kuffar, anywhere on earth, to either life or property.

    The issue of what happens with Aboriginal people and accommodation between English common law and some – not all – of their law and customs, is or should be entirely separate from the issue of Sharia Creep.

    Incidentally (and this is something Mr Bolt overlooks), the majority of Aboriginal people – and that includes a good few of those in the remote communities as well as in ‘settled’ Australia – are practising Christians and have abandoned many aspects of their old law that contradicted English law. I have never heard any aboriginal woman activist demanding that polygyny be reinstated! (Indeed, I have heard one little old lady declaring that the abandonment of polygyny was **one**cultural change – brought in by whitefellas – that she thoroughly approved of; and she was a ‘traditional’ lady belonging to one of the last groups that ‘came in’ in the 1960s). At the same time many claim their right – and I believe it is their right – to continue to use their languages: the Nyoongar people have translated the Gospel of Luke into Nyoongar; the Pitjantjatjara, having translated the New Testament, are now embarking upon a translation of the TaNaKh – and why should they not? Why should someone decree that they must pray and worship in English only?

    Muslims, on the other hand, are perhaps the worst and cruellest and most purely negative and destructive imperialists in human history; and if Muslims take over they will respect NEITHER Aboriginal life, law and property NOR whitefella life, law and property.

    Muslims should be told flatly that they are NOT Aborigines and cannot claim special privileges. Their attempt to assimilate themselves to Aborigines is exactly like their attempt, in Europe at the moment, to pretend that they are ‘the new Jews’. They will put on whatever mask they think will suit their purposes.

    I will add that in my view, if an Aboriginal person converts to Islam he or she has become just as much a traitor to – and enemy of – his or her people, as a David Hicks or a Shane Kent. If an Aboriginal Muslim doesn’t recognise the land rights and right to life of his fellow tribesmen who are kuffar – that is, not Muslim (and if he’s a full-on Muslim, how could he? he’s supposed to hate them and fight against them and force them to submit to Islam or to Muslim rule and Muslim sharia) then why should *his* land rights – based on an identity he has abandoned and repudiated in the very act of saying the shahada – be recognised?

    1. For the most part the imams target Aboriginals because of land rights.

      Imagine if they could successfully convert a whole tribe that gets millions in compensation for mining rights …!

  3. Careful Harry, if you are in Victoria – the Iron Burka is falling, outlawing such sentiments …

    The protected religion now has a “Muslim Emergency Management Plan” to keep the kuffar in line:

    [Under the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, backed by the state and federal governments, Victorians will be given advice on how to react to anti-Muslim incidents, even if they are considered minor.]

    Herald Sun

  4. No accident that the Muslims choose to declare victory in Victoria.
    You can submit a thousand times and tell youself the pretty lie that you’re free.
    Or you can fight and be free.
    You can only die once.
    That is the existential choice every individual Westerner is being given.

  5. No Mullah – the time will come shortly when these cretins are properly dealt with – do not underestimate the Australian spirit – and the islamic turds do not have this spirit.

  6. They will be dealt with, Kaw, and the enablers are in for a surprise unless they change course also – there are consequences for worshiping a golden calf (or allah).

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