There Goes Switzerland's Sovereignty….

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Detouring Around Democracy (GoV)

The “anti-minaret initiative” and the “initiative for deportation of criminal foreigners” served as clear reminders to the Swiss establishment that manipulation of the mass media had become an insufficient tool for controlling public opinion. It was therefore not overly surprising when a first step towards the assignment of new powers to the Swiss federal court was approved by the national assembly a few weeks ago.

Recently-departed Foreign Minister Calmy-Rey and Integration Minister Johann Schneider-Amman have been engaged in a sinister plot to surrender Swiss sovereignty to EU courts without having to ask or tell the Swiss people about it.

Confronted with the difficult task of submitting to EU demands without anybody noticing, the federal court, in cooperation with Daniel Thürer (Swiss delegate of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance [ECRI]), developed the legal equivocations needed to make an actual referendum “unnecessary”.

Echoes from the Minarets: The Discreet Evasion of Swiss Democracy   by Kitman

You should read the whole thing, its like the federal court is engaged in a Bolshevik revolution….  (Gates of Vienna…)

Lets hear it once more from Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger – Have We Gone Mad?!

Brilliant write-up of the whole event here thanks to JLH for the translation and Henrik from Europenews for the recording! 

Transcript here….

Norway seems to have similar troubles:

The parliament is working to change the constitution, Grunnloven, to make it easier to give away sovereignty to “democratic bodies”, that is, somebody other than the Norwegian people.

When you realize that this is going on in the single two states, Switzerland and Norway, both non-members of the EU, parallel to the work on establishing the supranational fiscal EU, you comprehend that work on serious changes is going on beyond the wills of the peoples of each and every European state, that the governments feel “unnecessary” to inform the peoples about, while at the same time they are talking about The Climate, The Rainforests & The Crisis.

More from the Multicultural Socialists of Norway:

Censorship and Propaganda in Norwegian Schools (GoV)


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  1. Swiss village in uproar over asylum centre

    Local officials from Bettwil, in northern Switzerland, have collected almost 10,000 signatures against federal plans to build a refugee centre in the village of 560 inhabitants.

    The Local

    Bettwil has been mobilizing for weeks against federal plans to accommodate up to 100 asylum seekers in a former military barracks in the village, located in the canton of Aargau.

    The federal government plans to host between 80 and 100 refugees for a period not exceeding six months.

    In the village, cars carry protest stickers and streets are covered with posters that read: “Yes to solidarity, no to the asylum centre”, or “Massive asylum centre, no,” the Neue Zürcher Zeitung reports.

    Before Christmas, both the mayor and a committee representing Bettwil citizens travelled to Aargau to bring the signatures and convey their opposition to the government’s plan.

    According to Jacqueline Wiederkehr, one of the members of the committee, the Federal Council failed to give the people of Bettwil a chance to voice their opinion prior to the decision.

    The mayor of the remote village, Wolfgang Schibler, went further, saying cantonal and federal authorities had acted with “arrogance.”

    Schibler has denied accusations of xenophobia, and is seeking to distance himself from extreme right-wing groups supporting his cause.

    According to Weiderkehr, the asylum centre will bring crime to a village that boasts a single restaurant and a shop.

    “We have zero criminality now, but if, all of the sudden we get 100 young North Africans with nothing to do, criminality will inevitably rise,” she said.

    Protesters have decided to lie low until the next meeting with federal and cantonal authorities, set to take place on January 5th.

    Between January and November this year, more than 20,000 people have requested asylum in Switzerland, 41.5 percent more than the same period in 2010.

    The country is suffering from a shortage of accommodation for asylum seekers. In recent weeks, the Swiss press has reported that several refugees have been forced to sleep on the street due to a lack of beds in official centres.

    Meritxell Mir (

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