UK: Tommy Robinson Runs Into Brick Wall, Blames Muslims

Tomorrow’s headlines today:

Innocent Muslims fear “backlash” from attacking Tommy Robinson, EDL

In an effort to combat violent extremism in ….. blah blah…. (thanks to Vlad Tepes & GoV)

”They were shouting  allahu akbar and Merry Christmas Tommy”

Breaking: Tommy Robinson Attacked by “Youths”

A group of Paki ‘yoots’  ambushed and attacked Tommy yesterday. Tommy was knocked out pretty quickly, and they gave him a good kicking.

Also: He had a C.T. scan, and apparently has “bruising of the brain”. He got out of hospital this afternoon.

GoV has more….

Here’s one of the EDL’s latest successes:

Luton: Drill Hall ‘no longer for sale’ to Muslims

THE controversial sale of the Drill Hall site in High Town to a Muslim group has been axed, with Luton Borough Council announcing yesterday (Dec 21) that homes will be built there instead.

At a secret meeting last week, members of the council’s executive decided that the site should be used for housing, rather than be sold to the Shia Muslim Masjid-e-Ali group for £1.5 million.


Australia’s 60 minutes does stunningly deceptive, puff- piece on the EDL and Tommy Robinson

Yet another revolting hit-job by Aussie establishment commie George Negus & like-minded leftards. However, informed readers will find it easy to see through the BS. Interviewees like Siddiq Conlon and Anjem Chaudary tell the truth…. perhaps the journaille is just truthophobic:

This ‘documentary’ shows Tommy, describes him as ‘far right wing’, as a ‘racist thug’ etc. without showing one iota of actual evidence of any of those claims.

Another flashback: has Hizb-ut Tahrir ever been banned? Here’s David Cameron, (before he became PM) demanding a ban on the group. What has been done about it?

4 thoughts on “UK: Tommy Robinson Runs Into Brick Wall, Blames Muslims”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Tommy. He is one of Britain’s only true patriots. He is one of a few who has the courage to protect his culture & freedoms. He doesn’t deserve to be ambushed by a group of muslim cowards. That said, I know he sees this a the result of his effective campaign against the islamization of Britain and part of the job.

    Hail Tommy, proud patriot and loyal citizen, may your efforts bear even more fruit in the good fight.

  2. BTW, I know this is a stupid question but I just have to ask it: “Are the authorities searching for the perpetrators of this attack?”

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