Aisha was mature! In Warm Climates, Girls Generally Reach Puberty at the Age of Eight

Egyptian Cleric Sheik Abdallah Kamal Defends the Prophet Muhammad’s Marriage to Aisha: In Warm Climates, Girls Generally Reach Puberty at the Age of Eight  – MEMRI

We better check with globull worming expert Al Gore about that.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64

Narrated ‘Aisha:

that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old…..

Institutionalized Pedophilia.

Transcript below the fold:

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Islamonausea! Sick of 'em all!

Shafia Honor Killings: The Whitewash Begins

Mainstream media avoid using the “M” word in reporting the verdict on the (Muslim) Honor Killings in Canada (BNI)

Islamonausea, not Islamophobia

FOX Chickens Out

Afghan Embassy in Damage Control

Issues statement for infidel consumption:

“(Honour) killing is unacceptable in Afghanistan Constitution and its Justice System.”


CAIR springs into action on the Shafia Verdict, calls it “Domestic Violence”

CAIR  issues   Call to Action to Eradicate Domestic Violence

 No Islam to see here, folks. Best move along now:  CAIR-CAN Comments on the Shafia Verdict

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Same song and dance from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women:

 There’s no such thing as “honour killings” — they’re part and parcel of generic “domestic violence,”  and there’s  no way Islam is at all implicated in such crimes.   Alia Hogben of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women said the language around the Shafia verdict is distracting from the basic fact that four women were murdered.

Instead, she prefers the idea that the deaths were “femicide.”

Oh for f*kcs sake! Puh-leeze!

Update: “Domestic violence”? Works for them.

Vlad Tepes Barometer:

The callers are stunningly more educated about the facts of Islam than a couple of short years ago. It makes good background listening in that context. It was not that long ago that if the issue of Islam, burkas or honour killings were raised, nearly every caller was furious with any position other than total embrace of Islam.

Michael Coren opening statement January 30 2012

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Eeyore

As usual, Michael is courageous and pulls no punches in pursuit of what is true. This sadly, is far more rare than one might have imagined in more naive times.

Egypt Grand sheikh urges Muslims to apologize for holding the Jews in bondage at the time of Pharaoh

Ah sorry, I must have misread that one:

Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb has called on the West to apologize to Egypt for having colonized Africa.

More at Egypt Independent via Mullah

“Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb has called on the West to apologize to Egypt for having colonized Africa.

In a speech on behalf of Sheikh Hassan al-Shafey, Tayyeb’s advisor, at a meeting entitled “Al-Azhar and Africa: Challenges and Ambitions,” Tayyeb said that what the West had done was an “indelible crime” which requires a historic apology.

He also expressed support for cooperation between Egypt and African nations “in light of a new atmosphere of freedom.” He went on to describe Al-Azhar as a “light house” for Muslims around the world.” (al-Masry al-Youm)

Other offerings from Egypt

Rape in Tahrir square: 

“They started fighting over who was going to do what,”–

The incident brings memories of reporter Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted gang-raped the night former President Hosni Mubarak gave up power.  A mob of men ripped the 40-year-old correspondent away from her crew and bodyguard, beating her in broad daylight.

(Egypt) Muslim Drive-By Cuts Down Copt Father and Son…

NZ: 17-year-old Paki girl held hostage, forced into marriage by her parents and threatened with death…

Totally un-Islamic, of course. Don’t get any ideas, you racist bigot Islamophobes:

Sheikh Mohamed Amir, chairman of the religious advisory board at the Federation of Islamic Associations, said that although arranged marriages were common among Muslims, it was important to remember that forced marriage was not condoned in Islam and could happen in Hindu families or other cultures too.

For months, in an ordinary house in a Wellington suburb, a 17-year-old Pakistani was held hostage, trapped in a marriage forced on her by her parents and threatened with death.

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

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CAIR likes a stoopid America

Hamas Lobby calls general  Boyken”un-American” 

Progressively Deranged Beckel

Allen West’s  ‘Get the hell out of the United States’  makes whoremonger Beckel  throw hissy fits:

I never understood why Beckel is on TV. This blathering, obnoxious asshole on suspenders should run a pub or dig a trench to Alaska. Fox is already worse than CNN, who can possibly put up with this:

And for those that missed Rep. West’s original remarks:

Islamic Tunisia

“Balancing Act” becomes unbalanced (NYT)

(They never had a chance…)

Israels prisoners

They should treat him like the Arabs treated Gilad Shalit

Iran’s nukes

An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a blessing for the ayatollahs and would permanently silence the opposition to the Islamic Republic, blah blah…..

Greece: a bottomless pit

 “The alternative is just too terrible to contemplate,” is it?

Europe’s politicians are losing touch with reality. Greece is broke, and yet Brussels wants to send the country billions in new loans

Another day, another mosque….

Ailing West aids its Muselmanic enemies 

Melanie Phillips

WAS there ever a more perverse and self-destructive society than the contemporary West? In its attitude to the Middle East and the Islamic world, it appears to suffer from the political equivalent of auto-immune disease: turning on its allies while embracing its enemies.  Story at The Australian thanks to Mullah

Iran: Everyone’s a Mullah!

Iranian supreme leader: “Everyone is against the satanic US and Israeli dominance and cannot tolerate the cancerous tumor of Israel”

No one can claim this one was taken out of context. This is from Iran’s own English-language propaganda outlet. “‘ME nations battling Zionist autocracy’,” from PressTV, via JW

Islam in Sicily

Mayor signs deal with Qatar to build mosque

A major mosque becoming a place of worship for all Muslims in Sicily could be built in Salemi. The proposal has been made by the mayor of the city, Vittorio Sgarbi, to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Ben Kaliffa Al Thani.


Danish People’s Party wants full stop to Muslim immigration

The Danish People’s Party (DPP) wants to put a stop to immigration from Muslim countries, according to a new press release by the party. The party says Muslims don’t integrate and cause big problems with shariah zones, parallel societies and social control. Continue reading

Dutch Moroccan Muselology

Fighting crime causes more crime; going after Islamic terrorists causes more terrorism; banning burqas makes the freedom sack more popular….  but who needs muselmanic advice anyway?

Tangiers: no future here for Romeo and Juliet.

Saudi sex-tourists can get Moroccan whores sent up to their room,  Singles no longer look for a beloved, but for somebody who will inject capital into their lives. Poverty is consuming this country..

Macedonian Muslim leaders  accuse the government of promoting Islamophobia, burn down Orthodox Christian church:

An Orthodox Christian church famed for its valuable icons was set alight in southern Macedonia overnight amid religious tension between Christians and minority Muslims over a carnival in which Orthodox Christian men dressed as women in burkas and mocked the Koran. (source)

 Muslims make up 33 percent of the country’s 2.1 million population–Muslims Irritated Over Carnival

All links thanks to Islam in Europe


"The culturally and ethnically diverse rainbow tapestry of Silicon Valley…"

“….different perspectives on the theme “Muslims and American”– NOT!

Da’awa. Its always f*kcing da’wa, which is what Muslims do just like they do jihad.  But this time its a  a four-month-long, government-sponsored initiative called “Silicon Valley Reads“ and that stinks to high heaven:   Silicon Valley Reads… a book of lies

Whenever you see  such a lot of  hype and hubris in one sentence you know that  Muslims and Islam can’t be far away:

“prejudice and bigotry fester even in progressive and multicultural Silicon Valley.”

Who would have thought?

 ” how to erase misconceptions and build intercultural understanding”.

Sounds familiar? No progressive indoctrination is complete unless it targets children:   If you suspect that the program will consist of the usual disinformation about Islam and whitewashing of its darker aspects, then you get a gold star.

No wonder:  Its the Obama sponsored Silicon Valley Stealth Jihad

Pamela Geller:

Government-sponsored dawah. Our taxpayer dollars are being used to deceive us, disarm us, defeat us.  

Exposing taxpayer funder taqiyya:

Silicon Valley Reads… a book of lies 

Robert Spencer was kind enough to post a link to these questions at his web site, Jihad Watch.

Ten Questions for the Muslims Next Door

The questions are for keeps. Use them whenever you are facing off against da’awa merchants:

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Boko Haram vows to fight until Nigeria establishes sharia law

I guess we’ll never know what motivates them. As always: nothing to do with Islam:

Exclusive: Spokesman for Islamist group  Islamic terrorists says it will not stop deadly attacks until country is ruled according to dictates of Allah

The Islamist group Boko Haram, which has killed almost 1,000 people in Nigeria, will continue its campaign of violence until the country is ruled by sharia law, a senior member has told the Guardian.

“We will consider negotiation only when we have brought the government to their knees,” the spokesman, Abu Qaqa, said in the group’s first major interview with a western newspaper. “Once we see that things are being done according to the dictates of Allah, and our members are released [from prison], we will only put aside our arms – but we will not lay them down. You don’t put down your arms in Islam, you only put them aside.”

Somalia’s al-Shabab militants ban Red Cross aid work

Al-Shabab had already halted the work of several aid agencies working in the famine-hit region, including some from the UN. It accused them of exaggerating the scale of the problems for political reasons, and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. (BBC)

What’s cooking in Senegal?

Spin from Al Jizz:

The president’s decision to run for a third term has been met by anger in one of Africa’s most mature democracies.
It was one of the most peaceful nations on Africa’s west coast. But is that beginning to change?

Ninety-four percent of the country’s population is estimated to be Muslim……

Kenya police arrest imam over weapons cache

Kenyan police say they have arrested an imam after they found a cache of weapons in his house.

The chief of police for the coastal region says the suspect is a sympathizer of Somalia’s al-Shabab militia. Deputy Commissioner Aggrey Adoli says the haul included a pistol, a rifle, detonators and hand grenades. Aboud Rogo was named in a U.N. report last year as having links to al-Shabab, and is on bail for possession of weapons.

He wuz framed!

But Rogo’s wife Khania Saidi Sagar says police framed her husband. She says the house was searched in front of Rogo’s mother and children and nothing was found.

Spare me the BS: Syed Soharwardy claims he was threatened nine times for his views in the Shafia case…

The usual claims of victimhood from a head-banging bigot with a long record of mischief:  Syed Soharwardy has been leading the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah hate marches in the Jewish neighbourhood of Calgary,  trucking in  foul-mouthed supporters — who fly the flag of the criminal organization, Hezbollah — to chant “death to the Jews”, and wave swastikas in the face of the local citizens.

Police are  investigating the threats against Soharwardy.

“There is no room for this kind of crime in religion”– said Soharwardy.

Yes there is.

“The government has a responsibility to clearly say what kind of society this Canada is,” said Soharwardy.

Me thinks he’ll never know what responsibility is.

Shocka: Czech Mufti Sounds Just Like Palli Mufti, Calls For Killing All Jews…


Haolam/via JW Deutschland

Can’t a fella practice his religion? What’s wrong with that,  you racist bigot Islamophobes?

“No other faith group receives this inaccurate and malicious treatment in the national press”-  that’s because no other faith is as barbaric, perverted and twisted as Islam. But the Bunglawussi  won’t have any of it….

Nothing to do with Islam, Imam Lukas Vetrovec of Brünn  was only reading from his holy book, aloud:

From the most reliable hadith, Sahih Bukhari:

 “Allah’s Apostle said, The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stones and the trees behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him’” (4.52.177).

Unfortunately for the good mufti, somebody (?) recorded it and put it on the internet. And now the Jews are understandably upset.

Needless to mention that the mufti also denied the holocaust, denied the right of the Jewish people to live secure within their own borders,  the whole sing-along program.

Nothing unusual. Standard fare in every mosque.

Hassan Muneeb Alrawi, from the  Islamic Central Committee, went straight into damage control:

“Very sorry that people took offence over a prayer service in the mosque of Brünn. We apologize to the Jewish community and assure them that the prayer did not cause any intolerance in our community.”

You might want to read that again to understand it correctly.

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