Asia Bibi's Death Sentence For Blasphemy

Remember that the next time you share your water with a Muslim:

She was sentenced to death for blasphemy in November 2010 after drinking water from a well reserved for Muslims and allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

 “We will chase her through hell …”

“How can I change my mind,” he said. “I believe it will bring me a better place in heaven. It gives me pleasure, it is my pride,”   Salam told The Express Tribune.

Former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer was assassinated last year by one of his security guards for raising his voice in favour of Aasia’s release and calling for a review of the country’s blasphemy laws. (TROP)


All your infidel property are belong to us!

No death penalty?

Christian Editor Receives Death Threats from Muslims (Atlas)

“I have read some of your media and it disturbs me very greatly that your media is responsible for sympathizing with the criminal, dirty harami woman Aasia Bibi, who insulted our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him). …. Furthermore, your media has been portraying such haramis like Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti as “shaheeds” (martyrs), they are both haramis and jahannamis (destined for hell) and gustakh e Rasool (blasphemer of prophet).”

The writer told Bhatti,

“I would like to remind you of one very important fact. Pakistan is an Islamic nation. It is a nation for Muslims, by Muslims, of Muslims.”

That’s exactly why we should let them die in their own filth!

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