“Australia gives citizenship if you have a good story…"

This is business, and we’re being cheated

It’s not a flood of refugees, but organised illegal immigration from the Third World:  says Andrew Bolt.

Organized? Yes. Illegal? Yes. Illegal Immigration? No.

Muslim Invasion, that’s what this is.

We used to look like this:

Now we look like this:

From their tiny cubbyhole offices (in Kabul, Afghanistan) , an army of typists can run up everything from marriage certificates to CVs and job application letters. Also available, for several hundred dollars more: Taliban death threats, the special chits also known as “night letters” that can be a passport to a new life in the west.

“We can write whatever you need; it depends,” said one young clerk. “For example, we will mention you work in a government department, your job title and salary. It will say, ‘If you don’t leave your job by this date, we will come and kill you or put a bomb in your house’…

For a large number of Afghans such a purchase is just the first of many expensive outlays on the high-risk road to a new life in the west. Buyers hope the document will persuade immigration officers many thousands of miles away to give them asylum in Europe or Australia. The document is one part of a growing and lucrative business in smuggling a tide of mostly young, unaccompanied Afghan males overseas…

The huge fees mean that most would-be emigrants are rich by Afghan standards, many having done well in post-Taliban Afghanistan. “I have people from all corners of Afghanistan, but most of them come from Kabul because they are rich,” said the Jalalabad-based smuggler.

For a passage to Australia, another popular destination, the smuggler offered an all-expenses-included trip for $11,500. Like others in his trade he recommended Australia, promising it was a soft touch on granting asylum.

“Australia gives citizenship if you have a good story,” he said. “I am 100% sure that after spending six months in a [processing centre] in Australia you will get citizenship if you do not lose your temper and have warning documents from the Taliban saying you can’t live in Kabul.”

Another asylum shopper boat “intercepted”

3 thoughts on ““Australia gives citizenship if you have a good story…"”

  1. And the liars are the last people we want here.

    I can’t believe how dumb it all is. We need to ship these people into the neighbourhoods that these sycophantic politicians live in. Let’s start with the Greens….time for a reality check Sarah!!!

  2. What I can’t understand is why these so called persecuted refugees seem to make trips back to their homeland within 1-2 years of arriving here by boat….yet they spin a story saying they will be killed if they are returned….go figure. And how on earth can they afford the $’s for their boat trip in the first place, I believe it is not a cheap journey.
    I know of one Paki family and the guy spends more time in paki land than he does here..,…. a sunni muslim……. and his wife is left here with their 2 kids and she has her mum and dad to help her out with everything….then when he is here in OZ, he is ….yep, a taxi driver,.

  3. These people are not politcal refugees, but economic refugees. And they are bleeding the resources we have built to protect disadvantaged people dry. The real loosers are the aged pensioners, the single income families, and the families who have no income. We are suffering what is, in reality, nothing more than an invasion by islamic scum. Can some one take the dark glasses of jooliar gizzards eyes and the rest of the socialist inbreds to help them see.

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