Australian Muslim Council Welcomes Call For Muslim Spooks to Protect us from… Muslims!

Nice little country you got here, would be a pity if something happened to it…..

Yesterdays Job Offers:

The head of Australia’s domestic security agency, ASIO, has called for more Muslims to be recruited as operatives:   Foxes Needed to Guard Chicken Coop, Hiring Now!

Muslims Delighted: Foxes Are Willing to Guard the Chicken Coop!

 Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils:

PATEL: ” it is in everybody’s interest, including the Australian Muslims to ensure that Australia is always protected and secured and therefore David Irvine’s call for Muslims to be recruited is a welcome sign. We’d like to have  high calibre ASIO officers Australian Muslims as part of ASIO….”

No shiite….!

Story with audio at ABC Radio Australia– thanks to Mullah

Ikebal Patel links:

 Update: In the U.S. its just as bad:

4 thoughts on “Australian Muslim Council Welcomes Call For Muslim Spooks to Protect us from… Muslims!”

  1. l hear David Hicks is looking for a job. Seems like a perfect candidate to me! Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon may also be looking to get of unemployment benefits.

  2. Your kidding!?? Is Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon on unemployment benefits?

    Well come to think of it, he probably is one of the unemployable type of characters.

    I know if his CV fell on my desk I would discretely shred it. But then our HR department insists that we are an ‘equal opportunity’ employer and I would be accused of Islamophobia; but like they say it really isn’t an irrational fear when they are campaigning to implement Sharia Law and supplant the current culture.

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