CAIR likes a stoopid America

Hamas Lobby calls general  Boyken”un-American” 

Progressively Deranged Beckel

Allen West’s  ‘Get the hell out of the United States’  makes whoremonger Beckel  throw hissy fits:

I never understood why Beckel is on TV. This blathering, obnoxious asshole on suspenders should run a pub or dig a trench to Alaska. Fox is already worse than CNN, who can possibly put up with this:

And for those that missed Rep. West’s original remarks:

Islamic Tunisia

“Balancing Act” becomes unbalanced (NYT)

(They never had a chance…)

Israels prisoners

They should treat him like the Arabs treated Gilad Shalit

Iran’s nukes

An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a blessing for the ayatollahs and would permanently silence the opposition to the Islamic Republic, blah blah…..

Greece: a bottomless pit

 “The alternative is just too terrible to contemplate,” is it?

Europe’s politicians are losing touch with reality. Greece is broke, and yet Brussels wants to send the country billions in new loans

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  1. The most outrageous and disgusting political discourse I have ever heard was the smearing of the right when Gabrielle Gifford was shot. Nothing comes close to that episode of leftist vitriol, nothing…

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