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“Death to America”

THOUSANDS of Mourners Shout “Death to America” & Carry Pictures of Obama at Funeral of Dead Nuke Scientist (Video)

Mourners carried pictures of Hussein Obama at the funeral. (he must be a Zionist!)

Update: He IS! Pic of the day:

Iran accuses Obama of being a Zionist terrorist, distributes Obama-Merkel-Sarkozy-Cameron wanted posters

A Iranian man looks at a wanted poster with portraits of US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron during the funeral of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan in Tehran on January 13, 2012, two days after he was killed when men on a motorbike slapped a magnetic bomb on his car while it was stuck in Tehran traffic. Iran said its top scientist was killed by Israel and the United States as part of a covert campaign against its nuclear program.  (source)

Obowma Springs Into Action:

Obama condemns killing of Iranian nuke scientist

Even Hillary Clinton has acknowledged that the Iranians want a bomb. They have already made their genocidal dreams abundantly clear. This nuclear scientist was part of a program that clearly is aspiring to murder of millions. Taking him out could have saved millions of lives.

“Santorum: US wrong to condemn Iran scientist death,” by Thomas Beaumont in theAssociated Press, January 14

Iran’s Foreign Ministry blasted the US and UK governments for their “obvious roles” in the assassination.

Ron Paul on Iran:

We Should Have Great Empathy For Them


As the Iranian regime continues to harass its neighbors, threaten Israel, stockpile missiles in Lebanon and Gaza, and pursue nuclear arms, Ron Paul says, “We should have great empathy for them.” Breitbart TV reported (Via GWP)

It gets better:

Ron Paul: Killing of Iranian nuke scientist “an act of terrorism”

Iranian leaders have repeatedly stated that the demise of Israel is imminent. Iran’s intentions to build a nuclear bomb are now widely acknowledged. This nuclear scientist was aiding in the construction of weapons that could murder millions of innocent people. Iran clearly already considers itself at war with Israel and the United States, and the killing of this scientist was a defensive action in the war.

Ron Paul represents the voice of appeasement and willful blindness regarding the Iranian jihad.

(Video thanks to JW.)

One more: