Electronic Jihad Against the Devices of the Evil Joozzz

Islamic cleric issues fartwa to hack infidel websites:

“Muslim youth involved in this phenomenon are in fact leading a jihad”. 

Careful Though: Beware of Backlash!

” But Be careful about hacking Israelis, because they are better than we are”

“… it is clear that the nations (the Muslim ummah)  condition does not allow any type of Jihad against any of its enemies because our enemies are way more advanced than we are in all kinds of fields. If an electronic war shall erupt, it is expected to have serious repercussions due to the big number of those who sympathize with Israel in the world and who might enter this battle, which would widen the circle of damage,”

Al Arabiya via the Elder of Ziyon

Saudi grand mufti: Twitter is full of lies

Now wait a minute: didn’t Sowdi princeling al Waleed just buy Twitter  for $ 300 million? And wasn’t there something about his flamboyant wifey that made his own brother so up upset that he gave him a last warning “before something really bad happens?”  Something seems not quite right in the Kingdom:

The Saudi grand mufti on Friday called social-networking website Twitter full of lies, a day after the site announced that it would begin restricting Tweets in specific countries.

The news from the social media platform is renewing questions over how it will handle issues of free speech as it rapidly expands its global user base. (J’Post)

Modern, moderate Tunisia:

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  1. The main reason that Saddam did not use chemical weapons was what Americans might do in response.

    As his FM stated “we decided that it was too dangerous against this enemy (US)”.

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