Germany is NOT EUrabia (but getting there)

Not yet. But some think it is:

“Germany Does Not Belong To Germans”

“German people should no longer  believe in the illusion that Germany belongs to Germans”

Çigdem Akkaya, substitute  director of  Essen’s Center  for Turkish studies  (WAZ  27.03.2002)

Well, in that case may we say that Turkey no longer belongs to Turks? Winds of Jihad readers would know by now that the world and everything in it belongs to the soldiers of allah, and its just a matter of time until the Muslims take their rightful place…..

Which reminds me:  didn’t the Muselputz Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama declare that America is no longer a Christian country? 

Didn’t the Muselputz Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama deride and threaten American patriots who believe in the constitution and the second amendment with   “they cling to their guns and their religion?”  

I guess if you’re not willing to “spread the wealth around,” you’re making a “virtue out of selfishness.”

Mohammedans Attack German Churches on New Years Eve

German Churches Under Rocket Attack from Mohammedans Over New Year

In the Germany city of Duisburg, churches came under attack over the New Year, subjected to a barrage of rockets, fireworks and bangers.

Tens of thousands of euros worth of damage was caused.

More from  Cheradenine Zakalwe

Can’t run, can’t hide:

Mohammedan  Virus Spreads to  Scotland 

 More and more English people are moving to Scotland. You have to ask why.  Cheradenine Zakalwe  suggests that they are  trying to escape their own alienised cities and find a living environment that is still recognisably British and European.


Turkish Fire Devils

Greece is outraged by the recent admission by a former Turkish prime minister that Turkish secret agents started highly destructive forest fires during the 1990s.

Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan:

Europe is not Africa

Chinese proverb says “Help who is in crisis but not who lives on charity”.

Extortion Strategy Works for Rejected Somali Asylum Seekers

Holland, like Europe itself, cannot  be the rubbish-dump for failed Islamic nations in Africa and the Middle East.  Netherlands: Somalis fight for residency rights  –   Koranimals out of Europe !


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  1. How depressing….a rapid colonisation of Europe by the garbage of the world i.e. mohammedans

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