"International Law" Means Sharia

Al-Azhar Grand Imam: Resistance a legitimate right of the Palestinians

The trouble with that claim is that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian” and murdering Jews is not a G-d given right, but the hatred from Koran, sira and hadith, which the Arabs suck in with the mothers milk.

Arab Muslims dress their incitement to genocide up with claims of “international law”

Al Azhar “Grand Imam” Affirms Arabs “Right to Murder Jews Until Israel is Destroyed”

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The resistance of the Palestinian people is a “legitimate right granted by the decree of Islamic Sharia as well as that of international charters,” said Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayeb to Hamas former prime minister Ismail Haniya in a recent meeting.   (al ahram)

I won’t be holding my breath:

CAIRO – The head of Al-Azhar, the pre-eminent institute of Islamic learning in the Sunni Muslim world, put forward a Bill of Rights on Tuesday upholding freedom of expression and belief ahead of the drafting of Egypt’s new constitution.  Al-Azhar sheik proposes bill of rights, aiming to balance out Islamists in Egypt constitution

No Yuman Rites for you, infidel:

The Shaykh of al-Azhar, the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad al-Tayib, by many considered to be the foremost authority in Sunni Islam, issued a statement on October 17, 2011, condemning attempts to bring Western notions of human rights and freedom to the Middle East. Dr. al-Tayib explained that “the Western understanding of human rights is against that which is sacred to us,” and that “opening the door for human rights from a purely Western understanding would destroy our homes and clash with our beliefs.”

Of course, if a critic were to say that Islam is incompatible with the Western understanding of human rights, they would quickly be branded as Islamophobes.

The Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad al-Tayib, the Shaykh of al-Azhar, stressed that opening the door for human rights from a purely Western understanding would destroy our homes and clash with our beliefs and with that which is sacred to us. He relates this to the maxim, “He built a palace and destroyed an Egypt,” saying, “Not everything which is a right for the Western man is a right for the Arab or Muslim man.”He added during his reception of Dr. Butrous Butrous Ghali, president of the National Council for Human Rights, today at noon, that human rights should not clash with that which is sacred to us, because many of those who brag about defending human rights have taken them as part of a booming trade under the auspices of globalization. The Shaykh of al-Azhar called for the encouragement of all efforts to resist globalization, because it is crystal clear that America is currently suffering in every place and in every realm. This confirms that the culture of New York should not direct us in the East. We have a culture, values, and history which protect us from dissipating and melting away.[…] (Goes on to talk about situation in Yemen)

The Grand Imam called for the protection of Arab and Islamic civilization, which is based on morals and religious values. He added that the civilization of the Ummah is led by faith and values, contrary to Western civilization, which is led by the interests of personal freedom. We need to breathe new life into the East, in every meaning of the word–in culture, economics, society, and so on. This will not happen except through hard, continuous, and independent work.
Usama ‘Abd-al-Salam, IkhwanOnline.com, October 17, 2011  Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim  (Wikislam)

When they say “International Law” they mean sharia.

That’s why the Muselmanic nations never signed the International Declaration of Human Rights and replaced it with the perverted ‘Cairo Declarations of Human Rights’, an absurd construct that subjects all rights to sharia, Islamic law.

Too bad that western elites have steadfastly refused to study these texts. One wonders if they ever read anything at all apart from their inflated salary slips and their holiday bookings.