Islamic Holy Man Arrested For Raping 8 -Year-Old Madrassa Student

Can’t a fella practice his religion anymore?

Mohammar  was just following Muhammad, the pedophile profit of Islam. What’s the world coming to?

Upzila’s Qazi Bari Mosque’s Imam Mohammar Nurul Islam was arrested after the girl’s parents lodged a rape case on Saturday with the Swarupkathi Police Station, police said.

After lodging the case, the victim’s mother told reporters, “I sent her to the imam to learn Arabic thinking he was a good person. But I did not know this would happen.”

Denmark: “we must accommodate”

The Church Ministry should be renamed  “Ministry of Philosophy of Life” in order to accommodate the growing population of Muslims in Denmark,  to Ministry of Philosophy of Life.

Church Ministry to change name to accommodate Muslims

The Danish Left won the elections September 15, 2011. The first 100 days in power, they managed to break 100 promises. Up to now the only ones who have benefited from the Left’s victory are immigrants and unemployed.

Moroccan Muselman in “White Robe” Stabs Three in Kapelstraat Coffee Shop “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” in the Netherlands

Vlad Tepes:

Peanut Khadr hits the Jews, again:

An Iranian actress has been told she is no longer welcome in her homeland after she posed naked in a French news magazine as a symbolic protest against strictures on women. From the Telegraph, via Vlad:


Mullah threatens acts of terror on Western nations and Israel on TV Jan 16 2012