Islamic 'Honor Violence' Rising in the West

“Nothing to do with Islam” of course. The Australian government has commissioned a study that only accepts “Honor Killings are Cross-Cultural and Not Religion Based” contributions.

Anything based on fact or reality is rejected.

Dale Hurd
CBN News Sr. Reporter

BARCELONA, LONDON, and PARIS -  As Muslims migrate to the West, and more Muslim young people adopt Western ways, honor violence is increasing.


Bangladesh 2011:

• A Canadian woman was strangled by her father because she refused to wear a headscarf.

• An Italian had her throat slit by her dad while she was held down by three uncles.

• An American woman was run over by her father in his Jeep Cherokee.

• Two sisters were shot by their father in a New York taxi.

They were all the victims of honor violence. They may have defied the wishes of their parents, or adopted Western ways, or tried to leave Islam.

They did something that, in the eyes of their families, brought shame and dishonor.

So they were killed. Many were tortured first.

Honor Killing on the Rise

The precise number of honor attacks worldwide is unknown because many are not reported, or are reported as accidents or suicides. But one new report said 3,000 honor attacks were committed in Britain last year alone.

Norwegian activist Hege Storhaug left journalism to devote her life to helping the victims of honor violence after doing a story about a Norwegian girl who was forced to marry her cousin from Pakistan.

“I was astonished when she said, ‘My parents were willing to kill me if I didn’t enter this marriage, to protect their own honor,” Storhaug said.

Storhaug showed us graphic photos of Pakistani women who had acid thrown in their faces by their husbands’ family because they did not bring a big enough dowry to the marriage.

Storhaug said the families then typically say the woman had been burned on a hot stove:

“A mother-in-law was sitting at the bedside, guarding the tongue of the young woman so she didn’t tell the truth about how she was burned, and it was the family who did it,” she explained. “And the faces of those mothers-in-law…there was no empathy, no compassion.”

Women in Danger

Although honor violence is sometimes committed by Hindus and Sikhs, it is usually a Muslim on Muslim crime. One study found that 91 percent of honor killings were committed by Muslims.

Women who break with traditional Islam often face grave danger:

CBN News interviewed one young woman who came to study in Paris after growing up in a Muslim nation.

Because she rejected Islam and Islamic rules about women, she told us that the only way she could ever safely return to her homeland is if she were to pretend to be a traditional, submissive Muslim woman.

“For them a person who goes out of the sect or the community or the group is a traitor. I would be safe if I played the game,” she explained.

“You have to apologize for everything and say, ‘Yes, I am coming back to slavery. I want to be a slave again. I am a slave and happy to be a slave,'” she said. “This is how it works.”

Activist Gina Khan in Britain has been a national spokeswoman against honor violence and Islamic radicalism. Khan left an abusive arranged marriage and had to move to a secret location because of threats.

“You’re at risk, if you speak out,” Khan said. “You can be attacked. I’m aware of that. But there comes a time when silence becomes a guilt, a sin.”

Leaving Islam, Losing All

When a Muslim decides to leave Islam, the situation can range from complicated to deadly. Some are so burned out on the idea of “God” that they want nothing to do with religion for the rest of their lives.

At a Spanish church for ex-Muslims, the congregation is small, in part, because the pastor says there is so much social control within Muslim communities in Europe that leaving Islam simply is not an option many Muslims take seriously.

The pastor, who did not want his identity revealed, said many Muslims fear losing everything if they convert to Christianity.

He said the mentality is: “‘I have my community and I have to integrate and belong, and I cannot leave that.’

“So I’ve found that they don’t have in their minds the option of being Christians,” he said.

No Happy Life

And honor violence is only a part of the enormous control that Islamic belief exerts over the minds of women and young people.

After years of Western governments denying that honor violence was a problem, laws are now being passed to stop it.

But within Muslim communities in Europe and America, women often still do not have full rights and their lives are still at risk.

The young former Muslim woman in Paris told us that in Islam, “Women are treated as half human. Legally speaking they are minors their whole life.”

But are those women still somehow happy?

“No,”she said. “Have you seen their faces? They are miserable. When you don’t live in freedom you are miserable.”


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  1. Honor killings, it would seem to me, is a practice that should be met with swift and fierce justice by the free world. It should matter not that this is a customary practice among these Muslim savages. Those who would break the holy commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, with such disregard should indeed receive the ultimate penalty. Death to those who would bring the evil practice of “honor killings”.

    1. The sympathies of our activist judiciary and our corrupt polit-props lie with the perceived underdog, the poor oppressed Muslims and their misunderstood cultural background.

  2. “Honor Killings are Cross-Cultural and Not Religion Based” contributions.
    Anything based on fact or reality is rejected

    Hey before you can sink the boat you must rock it first, eventually Comrade Bob, Madame Gillard and the ACTU hope to sink it.

  3. The Socialists / Greens / Progressives are not opposed to “Honour Killing” because it is a vision of the future it is what they are working towards imposing on mankind.
    A world where anyone found to be “Dishonoring” their New World Order by action word or thought can be SHAMED and then disposed of, all with the urging of those (useful idiots / progressives) prepared to keep feeding the Crocodile, so long as it does not eat them first.
    Islam is the Religion of the Beast and as such is the New World Orders perfect Rabid Mad Dog, to let off the leash among civilized man when ever International Socialism needs it’s Godless manifestations let lose upon mankind.

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