JIhad, Burqa & 'Arab Spring'

Dutch Will Enforce Burqa Ban

Once the burqa ban passed by the Dutch conservative coalition on Friday is approved by parliament, police will be obliged to enforce it, Security and Justice Minister Yvo Opstelten stresses.


Burqa Ban triggers FemiNazi and IslamoNazi hysteria (BNI)

Lib media joins in with the Toronto Star falling just short of labelling Minister Kenney a bigot, referring to his action as ‘bigotry.’

Muslim Canadian Congress Hoping to EXPAND Canadian Burka Ban

Irresistible Islam

Tunisia: “Islamic leaders pressured by radical fringe”

Remember when that “radical fringe” was sure to be a harmless, ineffectual sideshow of a Tiny Minority of Extremists? Not only is the Tiny Minority once again less tiny and inconsequential than advertised, but they do not need to attain absolute power to do very real damage to human rights and civil liberties.

There is also the matter of mixed and ambiguous messages: Tunisia’s leaders here are finding it more difficult to uphold the inconsistency of saying the “right” things to different people. “Tunisia’s Islamic leaders pressured by radical fringe,” from Agence France-Presse, January 26 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

‘Allahu Akbar!’

35 pounds of Cocaine  —Shipped to the UN, totally unintended of course…..

Shiite Rafidite Dogs Meet Allah:

 Two days of bloody turmoil in Syria killed at least 74 people,

including small children, as forces loyal to President Bashar Assad shelled residential buildings and fired on crowds in a dramatic escalation of violence, activists said Friday. BEIRUT (AP) —

“I want to fight jihad for Allah”

Step by Step

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