Maldives Fears "Backlash" Over Spa Closures

Money talks. Islam causes poverty.

The president of the Maldives today ordered the country’s resorts to reopen their spas just days after they were shut following Islamic protests.   The Daily Mail:

Closing the Spa Resorts and cracking down on alcohol kills tourism, and that hurts. If the mujaheddin had their way, they would hold foreign tourists captive, convert them to Islam and keep the women as sex slaves.

Its a bit too early for that.

Maldivian president:

Islamic law bans music and art, mutilates girls’ genitals, allows child marriage and concubines  (Freethoughtnation)

In response to calls for stricter Islamic or sharia law in the Republic of Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean that already prohibits the worship of any religion other than Islam, Maldivian president Mohammed Nasheed expressed his frustration by stating:

“To build our economy we need foreign investments and we need to create an environment in which foreigners can invest….

“We can’t achieve development by going backwards to the stone age or being ignorant…

“Should we ban music? Should we mutilate girls’ genitals? Should we allow 9 year-olds to be married? Should we forbid art and drawing? Should we be allowed to take concubines? Is this nation building?”

In his candor, this Muslim president of an entirely Muslim nation has admitted to the world’s press that Islamic/sharia law bans music, mutilates girls’ genitals, allows 9-year-olds to be married, forbids art and allows “concubines” – i.e., sex slaves.

All of these aspects of sharia law have been denied repeatedly by apologists; yet, they are in reality obviously well known, as we can see from the discussions by Muslim authorities at the following site as well:

(See select videos below.)

Unfortunately, I don’t see this president lasting in office for very long, with such admissions – he will probably be “Arab Springed.” And that peril is precisely why there are few moderate Muslims speaking out.

Source: Thousands demonstrate in Maldives over Islamic law

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  1. Most unfortunate, since Maldives is a truly beautiful place to visit. Obviously, it will soon become a strict Islamic country that will totally kill any tourism industry. (That was not originally intended as a joke.) Full-on Islam will give the Maldives a priveleged class (The Imams) a small middle class (merchants and tradesmen) and a huge population of dirt farmers/goat herders. A huge step backwards for Humanity.

  2. There is hope – most young muslims do want to live in the 22nd century and not the dung heap that mo the pedophile built.

  3. Maldives: Blogger stabbed after posting “anti-Islamic material” flees country

    “I was attacked because I advocate secularism. The Islamists want Maldives to remain a 100-per cent Islamic country.” But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia.”

    An update on this story. “Attacked Maldives blogger flees ‘Islamist’ threat,” from AFP, July 9 (thanks to JW):

    NEW DELHI – The Maldives’ best-known blogger, who nearly died in an attack outside his home last month, has blamed resurgent Islamists for the assault and fled the country.
    Ismail Rasheed, known locally as the blogger “Hilath,” was on his way home from prayers on the evening of June 4 when three men grabbed him from behind and one of them stabbed him in the throat.

    The 37-year-old former journalist with leading daily Haveeru, who had upset the Indian Ocean nation’s increasingly influential religious hardliners, slumped in a pool of blood outside his front door in the capital Male.

    Rushed to hospital, he remained in intensive care for days where doctors brought him back from the brink. His trachea – but not a vital artery – had been sliced clean through.

    “I was attacked because I advocate secularism. The Islamists want Maldives to remain a 100-per cent Islamic country,” he told AFP in an interview conducted via Twitter and email in the past few weeks.

    The free-speech advocate has been literally silenced. He was unable to talk in person or over the telephone because doctors have advised him not to speak while his throat heals.

    Fearful for his future safety, Rasheed has since fled the country and is considering seeking political asylum.

    “The Maldives is not safe for me anymore,” he said, declining to disclose his present whereabouts….

  4. Attacks against non-muslims and muslims advocating secular government are old news in sharia dominated political systems.

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