Muslim Professor: Flying the Flag on Australia Day is "Racism"

These people will not rest until the black flag of Islam flies over Parliament House.  


To allow Mohammedan agit-props like  Professor Farida Fozdar to infect malleable students with self-hatred and doubt  is a recipe for disaster. Your taxpayer dollars at work:

DRIVERS who fly Australian flags on their cars to celebrate Australia Day are “more racist” than people who do not, according to research from UWA

University of Western Australia sociologist and anthropologist Professor Farida Fozdar and a team of assistants surveyed 513 people at the Australia Day fireworks on Perth’s Swan River foreshore last year to find out whether there was a link between car flag flying and racist attitudes, Perth Now reports. 

Meanwhile, in other news from Western Australian:

A PERTH teenager has spoken of his terror after he was violently bashed by a gang of thugs who repeatedly kicked him and stomped on his head 

Perth detectives are hunting up to 20 youths, believed to be of African descent, who were involved in the attack in the city at 11.30pm last night…

“The only thing I heard before they caught me was: `Who are these white c**ts?’ It was totally unprovoked.”

Yes, we do have a problem with racism. Not sure we’re always looking in the right direction, though.

And we have little Museltards desecrating the flag.  But its highly unlikely that Farida Fozdar objects to their racism or Islamic supremacy:

19 thoughts on “Muslim Professor: Flying the Flag on Australia Day is "Racism"”

  1. If that is the case then people who live in the suburbs near me like Meadow Heights, Roxburgh Park, Coolaroo etc must be predominantly racist as there are many who have the Turkish, Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Saudi flags on car rear windows, teenagers walk around with them draped over the chips on their shoulders. An early learning centre in Meadow Heights has a flag display which begins with the Turkish flag, Australia second, other Islamic countries, ending with the Turkish flag again. There is a poster of Mohammed on the wall and a poster with the history of the Ottoman Empire. But wait, it’s only us that are proud of this fantastic country that are racist.

    That clueless bitch should take some of her taxpayer funded grant money and buy herself some therapy because she clearly has issues.

    As far as l’m concerned, people who search every nook and cranny for racism are indeed themselves the true racists with a guilt complex.

  2. Rightyo then, now I just need to work out where I can get one of those flags that you hang on your car, and maybe some Aussie flag car seat covers, car window shades etc. If you’re going to be flagged as racist might as well go the whole hog.

  3. Hmm, let’s see…we need to change the constitution because it is ‘racist’.

    Now we need to stop flying the Australian flag on our cars because it is ‘racist’.

    Accusing people or things are being racist is how people are now going about changing our country.

    Malcolm Fraser has said that all this immigration and multiculturalism won’t change anything….really, they are out to destroy national unity and identity, change our constitution and change our flag….oh don’t forget to change our law to Sharia Law.

    You know this seems to be changing everything.

  4. The Infidel,
    make sure they’re Australian made and not made in bloody China. That really infuriates me buying an Australian symbol that’s made in a 3rd world shithole.

    I think Red Rooster outlets provide the ones you see the cars are displaying. I’m going to get a few tonight 😉 but then again I must be ‘RACIST’.

  5. Now the world can see that the Australian media is being “used” just as much as the media outlets in other countries.
    Honestly why is this front page news or even reported – a study by “Professor Nobody” of 500 people.
    Australians are proud of their country on Australia Day and need to be aware that these celebrations could discontinue tomorrow if we don’t recognise who the enemies are.

  6. Thinking of going to the Greenvale Reservoir Park in Melbourne ( Near Meadow Heights, etc) tomorrow. Have to get there early though as the Mussies usually grab all the free BBQ’s, well because they’re FREE!!

    Me thinks some yummy bacon rashers, pork chops and pork sausages would make a great menu. Oh and l think l’ll be in the mood to have Skyhooks “Why Don’t You All Get F@*cked” pumping on the car stereo while l lay on the grass draped in an Aussie flag, necking a couple of cold ones.

  7. im a true aussie born and bred and i think that all the do gooders and immigrants and this towel head lovin professor can get fucked truth hurts if you dont like our country and our culture then fuck off an go back to your puss ridden country they all seek refuge in our beautiful australia and then bad mouth it and whinge how we are racist for flying our own flag, after we let yous pray to your allah every 5 minutes and walk around hiding under a turbans, well yous can kiss my AUSTRALIAN ARSE im going to fly my aussie flag high for every one to see and i will say merry christmas instead of happy holidays and i will fight for the right to be a proud AUSTRALIAN and no one will stop us so if you towel head immigrants dont like it fuck of back to where you come from and dont come back you wanna whinge about being racist well here it is i fucking hate yas i hope yous all choke on your own bile and rot in the fucking puss bucket of a coutry yous come from and if i had it my way i would have sunk ya fuckin boat before you landed on our shore and cull the rest of you allah lovin freaks with it HOWS THAT FOR RACISM . now if you dont like it piss off home or shut ya bloody mouths and stop complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Actually, Ms Farida Fozdar seems to be a Bahaii.

    Given what Mohammedans – whether Shiite or Sunni – are busy doing to the ‘heretical’ Bahaiis all over dar al Islam at the moment (it seems to be worst in Iran) I simply cannot understand why a Bahaii academic would be condemning non-Muslim Australians who display a certain level of (entirely fact-based, rational) suspicion about Islam and about the potential danger presented by Muslims.

    If she had any sense, as a Bahaii, hers should be one of the loudest voices demanding an end to Muslim immigration into Australia, and singing out for existing Muslims to be encouraged to leave. Because the more Mohammedans we have here, the greater the risk she runs of being attacked for her heretical beliefs, by one of those Mohammedans.

    Dozy, dozy bint. When she encourages everyone to feel sorry for the poor persecuted Muslims, she is preparing the knife that will cut her OWN throat.

  9. DDA is correct …

    2007 Tilbury, F ‘Hyphenated realities: growing up an Indian-American-Bruneian Baha’i in ‘multicultural’ Australia’, in M Perkins (ed) Visibly Different: Face, Place and Race in Australia. Peter Lang, Bern, pp 145-162.

    I am an unhyphenated reality, and thus not part of multicultural Australia and its social inclusion industry.

  10. I’ve flown my flag on my car all day, very happy & proud to do so.

    But give it a few years, this nutty professor & his ilk will complain & complain about how they feel threatened by our flag and these tools under JuLIAR & Co will want to pass laws to basicly outlaw national pride.

  11. Death to those who insult Islam…

    Just kidding…the fact that this is a common muslim saying goes to show our insane our tolerance is.

    Pleases help to end Islamisization… Or beat your wife and join in…

  12. this is typical islamic shut..these fuckwits dont even know what the meaning of the word racist is…muslims and islam are not races you fucking retard,are you sure you are a real professor? and even if you think flying the australian flag in australia is racist then fuck off back to your goat shagging country you pig and take your retarded jihadists with for youy fucking SNIP from africa,keep that behaviour up and you will have problems like you have never had,,you SNIP..if you dont like it you too can fuck off back to your war torn shit filled streets of a dump..we dont need you here you welfare bludging freaks.

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