Nazeem Hussain: flying the flag on Australia Day is "some sort of racist weapon"

Obviously, Nazeem would prefer the black flag of Islam, but we’re not quite there yet….

(Herald Sun)
Nazeem Hussain is a director of the Islamic Council of Victoria, when he’s not dabbling as a “comedian”

“It’s a sad reality that the flag has been more closely associated with white nationalist agendas than it has been in the past,” he said.

The Cronulla riots had linked the flag with racism.

“It was used as some sort of weapon,” he said.

Now, lets talk about the “weapons”  Hussein’s coreligionists used to rape Australian women, which caused the so-called ‘Cronulla riots’.

3 thoughts on “Nazeem Hussain: flying the flag on Australia Day is "some sort of racist weapon"”

  1. “And wearing hijab and similar islamic stuff fashioned from Australian flags is … what, exactly?”
    You know,Mullah,if that isn’t blasphemy I don’t know what is.It’s like when in a pathetic veneer of appeasement they had little “Aussie” girls feigning life saving drills in Burqinis at Cronulla beach! I vomited.I mean,they didn’t ask questions like:”Would you administer mouth to mouth to an Infidel male person?”
    “Would you be punished by your pious men-folk if you did?”
    People use the term “un-Australian” with frequent blase.I cannot think of anything more un-Australian than Islam.
    Spot on,you are.

  2. You are right, Kochie – it was that disgusting image of the burqinis that I was thinking of. islam is quite alien to lifesaving – there is no Christian, Jewish, Sikh lifesaving attire, but islam constantly demonstrates its inability to coexist or join in, while denouncing anyone who notices that inability. Iron simply cannot alloy with clay, no matter how much jizyah they throw at it. Money down the gurgler, and now ASIO wants in on the sorry charade.

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