Newsweep Homo Calls Non Obamunists Dumb

They should have used this cover instead, at least Tingles would buy it:

The barking moonbats at Newsweek have settled on a nuanced and sophisticated explanation for why some of us aren’t on board with the bankrupting and dismantling of America — we’re “dumb”:

Note that the cover article is written by Andrew “Milky Loads” Sullivan, a shrieking homosexual hysteric best known for promoting a tacky conspiracy theory about Trig Palin’s parentage.

No doubt Newsweek offers the same explanation for why no one but the dentist’s office subscribes to their cartoonish rag anymore: we are just too dumb to appreciate it.  (thanks to Moonbattery)

So the logic is to convince people they don’t want to be dumb so they better vote for obama? That’s dumb.

Remember, Newsweep is  the magazine empire that sold for one dollar.

I put the pic below the fold if you can’t get enough of him:


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