Norway: "The desire for revenge is primitive and worthy of condemnation"

A people with that mentality  will vanish in the ozone.

They will not even leave a gravestone on which is written “at least we were better them”

Multiculturalism and Hypocrisy

The national Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen recently smeared Fjordman on more than one occasion. They accused him of promoting an ideology of hatred, likened him to a Nazi, and published quotes attributed to him which in fact he never spoke or wrote.

Fjordman then sent a response to the newspaper, which it refused to publish.

You can read his response here.

Breivik is everywhere:

Woman stabbed in the head by “Asian (at Oslo restaurant at noon)

The 73 year old woman was having lunch with a friend, as an “Asian looking” young man enters the restaurant and seemingly unmotivated starts stabbing one of the two women in the head with a 30 cm long knife.

 Diana attacked by five brave young “men“ – waiting for the bus in Oslo on Monday night
Her two female friends could do nothing but watch Diana being kicked by the gang.

From the comments:

It is masculinity that has disappeared in Norway. This is what happens in a totally feminised environment. This remark is written by a woman.

From the Gates of Vienna:

The translator includes this note:

I have translated an op-ed by Ole Gjems Onstad which brilliantly exposes some of the totalitarian traits found within the Labour Party in Norway. It paints a very clear picture of an ideology that demands obedience and detests dissent.

This op-ed also brilliantly exposes the bizarre consensus mentality that is forced upon the people of Norway. In a scary kind of way it has similarities to the obedience culture found in places like North Korea.

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Common Sense is Not Common

The Fall of Europe and Coming of Eurabia – Mark Steyn (1 of 4)

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  1. Ive lived in Oslo. Its a shit hole. There are areas that are definite no-go areas, and these are full of insanely contemptuous muslims from the third world. They hate Norway, they hate Norwegians. And the police are as ineffectual as the rest of the police in Europe. The media are controlled by svengali left-wing bunch of loons. Its pathetic.

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