Paki TV host suffers from  haranguengis Talibanensis, spooks lovers…..

A private Paki TV station decided to fire a popular morning show host after she sparked outrage by running around a public park trying to expose young, unmarried couples hanging out, a taboo in this conservative hardcore Muslim country.

General Boykin Withdraws From West Point Talk

Another victory for Islam, Truth is the New HateSpeech— “Incendiary rhetoric regarding Islam….”

General Boykin has described Islam as “a totalitarian way of life” and said that Islam should not be protected under the First Amendment.  (NYT)

General Boykin is one of the United States’ most accomplished and decorated military heroes.  NoFree Speech — For Him!

Baby Snake Killer

Sixteen-foot-long pythons


Pro-Muslim Enemedia

It is one thing to disagree with someone or their views; it’s something else when you blatantly lie, have no proof to back up what you are claiming and then you call it journalism. (GoV)

Video of the Week: Ezra on Shafia verdict and grotesque CBC apologetics

Honor Killings: as Islamic as Muhammad himself!

Vlad Tepes presents:

Ezra is on fire in this vid: Honor Killing is Islamic; there is no migrant bonus and there is a monumental difference between us and the barbarians that kill their wives and daughters over a warped concept of honor:

Very few people have the ability to say the right things at the right time, Ezra is one of them and he’s got a mouth to get his message across like no other.


Michael Coren on Fox speaks out on honor killing: “this was something intrinsic to Islam”

Seldom has any mainstream media outlet ever presented such a full and honest presentation of Islamic honor killing. Bravo, Coren.

Join us for the first annual AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killings.

Video courtesy Pamela Geller.

Charles Adler & Raj Sharma Discuss The Shafia Honour Murders & Immigration Policy

via BCF

This case might be a game changer:

Why shouldn’t Mohammad Shafia have been arrogant and hubristic? It would have been more surprising if he had not been. Just look at how Islamic supremacist spokesmen in the West always deal with anti-jihadists: not with legitimate discussion, not with honest engagement with legitimate concerns, but with exceeding and almost incredible arrogance, endless torrents of abuse, and reflexive charges of “bigotry,” “racism,” and “Islamophobia.” Just look at how the mainstream media and Western governments are endlessly compliant, endlessly accommodating to Islamic supremacist demands, endlessly turning a blind eye to Islamic jihad activity, violent and stealthy, with endless gullibility swallowing the ever more fantastic claims that underneath the behavior of Islamic jihadists who quote Qur’an to support their views and position themselves within the Islamic community as the exponents of Islamic authenticity, it really is a Religion of Peace.

If Mohammad Shafia had not been arrogant and hubristic, it would have been a miracle.

Join us for the first annual AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killings.

“How arrogance and mistakes led to Shafia’s murder conviction,” by Timothy Appleby for the Globe and Mail, January 29 (thanks to JW):

Even after murdering his daughters and his first wife a few hours earlier, the millionaire businessman haggled over the motel bill.

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Female Genital Mutilation: "we pray to His Holiness to stop this misogynist ritual"

They pray to ‘His Holiness’– and you thought they worship Muhammad!

KARACHI, Jan 30, 2012 (IPS) – “It was a dark and dingy room, where an elderly woman asked me to take off my panties, made me sit on a low wooden stool with my legs parted and then did something…I screamed out in pain,” recalls Alefia Mustansir, 40, of her childhood experience. 

Her friend, Sakina Haider, remembers “putting up a good fight” before she succumbed. “I was told by my grandmother that I was being taken to the doctor to address burning in the genital area when soap went there while bathing!”

Both Haider and Mustansir have refused to have their daughters undergo circumcision or female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), the Dawoodi Bohras’ best-kept secret until young women from the community first began to speak up against it a few years ago.

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Egypt: how is that freedom & democracy (under sharia) coming along?

“Gradually educating the people about the truth of Islam” (MEMRI)

Reminds me a bit of Hopenchange, only worse and without stimulus money:

Our old friend Yousuf al Qaradawi must be a moderate; he insists that in the first five years there shouldn’t be any chopping off hands. ‘Gradualism’, that is. Gotta do sharia slowly……

Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: “I think [the shari’a] should be implemented gradually. This is a law of the shari’a and a law of nature. […]

“We should do things gradually. We should prepare the people, teach them. People have to learn. We have to make an effort to teach people the truth about Islam. […]

“People do not understand the shari’a properly. We have to teach people the laws of theshari’a and explain them, before anything else.

“I think that in the first five years, there should be no chopping off of hands. This period should be dedicated to teaching things.

“A transitional phase… This should be a period in which we teach people the true laws of theshari’a.

“When we find food for all the hungry, schools for all the pupils, hospitals for all the sick, homes for all those who want them, wives for all the bachelors – then we can discuss the punishment for theft. […]

“All the [presidential] candidates are good, but I support the candidacy of our brother Abd Al-Mun’im Abu Al-Futuh.”

Other offerings from Egypt:

Rape in Tahrir Square

At Tahrir Square, joy turns to fear

“They started fighting over who was going to do what,” Heather told local Egyptian news

Vlad Tepes has the story:

Musajiphobia on Jihad Watch!

The worlds 1.5 gazillion Muslims are  encouraged to ululate along with the cheesiest cheerleader of Mohammedan causes the world has ever known:

Featuring Ali Sina, Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller:

But first: please go to PayPal and donate so we can buy Sheila Musaji a new pair of goggles to see through the fog.

Ali Sina: “Pamela Geller and her organizations don’t become hate groups just because a bunch of moon-bats say so”

The indomitable Ali Sina of Faith Freedom has been in a discussion of sorts with Sheila Musaji of The American Muslim, who is an established liar. His latest piece addressed to her brilliantly answers the principal charges that Leftists and Islamic supremacists routinely make against Pamela Geller and me, and our organizations.

(I have reproduced it below as it appears in the original; “Namazi” is of course the communist antisemite Maryam Namazie, and “Bari” is Rifqa Bary.)

Read also:

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Progress in Sarajewo: 70 New Mosques!

17 years after the Bosnian war progress  has come to the Balkans:

 Thanks to western assistance,  Sarajewo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina,  today has  300,000 inhabitants and over 120 mosques, 70 of them new. The number of Catholics is nearly half compared to before the war. Thanks to allah they have been replaced by 5000 radical Wahabites and millions of dollars from Sowdi Barbaria. The Religion of Peace flattens everything that stands in its way.  (from PI, in German: 70 neue Moscheen in Sarajewo)


Asylum Seekers from Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Middle East Flock to Town in Genocidally anti-Muslim Serbia

 (Reuters) – Protesters in a small Serbian border town called for government action on Sunday over the town’s rapidly rising population of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union.

“Yesterday it was rape, tomorrow it will be murder, while we stay silent and wait for someone who doesn’t even know where Banja Koviljaca is to solve the problem.”  (Julia Gorin has more)


Electronic Jihad Against the Devices of the Evil Joozzz

Islamic cleric issues fartwa to hack infidel websites:

“Muslim youth involved in this phenomenon are in fact leading a jihad”. 

Careful Though: Beware of Backlash!

” But Be careful about hacking Israelis, because they are better than we are”

“… it is clear that the nations (the Muslim ummah)  condition does not allow any type of Jihad against any of its enemies because our enemies are way more advanced than we are in all kinds of fields. If an electronic war shall erupt, it is expected to have serious repercussions due to the big number of those who sympathize with Israel in the world and who might enter this battle, which would widen the circle of damage,”

Al Arabiya via the Elder of Ziyon

Saudi grand mufti: Twitter is full of lies

Now wait a minute: didn’t Sowdi princeling al Waleed just buy Twitter  for $ 300 million? And wasn’t there something about his flamboyant wifey that made his own brother so up upset that he gave him a last warning “before something really bad happens?”  Something seems not quite right in the Kingdom:

The Saudi grand mufti on Friday called social-networking website Twitter full of lies, a day after the site announced that it would begin restricting Tweets in specific countries.

The news from the social media platform is renewing questions over how it will handle issues of free speech as it rapidly expands its global user base. (J’Post)

Modern, moderate Tunisia:

Gitmo, Fitna, Jihad, Interfaith Jockeys and the Peace of France

“Persecution of Muslims at Guantanamo just like Inquisition”

Youtube pulls Geert Wilders FITNA, closes account of British Freedom Party

FITNA does not violate any laws other than ones created specifically to protect  Islam from scrutiny. This is a serious threat. Why?  Because it is indisputably true.

There is no reason why we should play nice with people who have declared war on us:


They Don’t Call It “Jihad” for Nothing 

Non-submissive Frank Gaffney and others discuss CAIR’s struggle to silence New York’s “blasphmous” police commissioner (who’s an uppity kafir, thank God).

The ‘Civil Peace’ of France May Be In Doubt

 “Without this policy of a significant reduction in the number of immgrants, France will not be able to integrate and assimilate the immigrants present on its territory…” 

Too late. Why not call it jihad and  make sure the French are armed and prepared?

Bronx: Smooth Talking Interfaith Jockey Sells Kumbaya  to Clueless Jews