'Aussie sheik' Feiz Mohammed: “If you allow your woman to attend a Western university, you are a cuckold”

“If a Muslim wife, sister, or daughter sits in a classroom with a male professor and other men all around her, it’s as if she were cheating on you.”

The little creep is becoming increasingly unhinged. He’s also put on a fair bit of body-fat. When you watch this, remember that Jooliar & co are feeding lunatics like him with your tax-dollars.

Thanks to BNI for keeping an eye on this mug:

How do you assimilate a 7th Century lunatic into a 21st Century world? You don’t. You won’t change the Muslims who are already there, but you can ban more Muslim immigrants from coming in. In virtually every civilized nation in which Muslims reside, the majority do NOT want to assimilate, because their religion tells them that eventually, Islam will dominate every country on earth.

Our old “friend” Iftikhar Ahmad also left some of his droppings on the BNI thread, always good for a laugh: here he claims that all Islamic terrorists in the west were educated in the public school system. If we would pay for  proper Islamic indoctrination they would be peaceful and not hate us like they do….

Nice try……. but it doesn’t stop there:

AUSTRALIA: Muslims demand federal government permit Islamic law…even though they are already using it

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) also requested that taxpayers help fund the expansion of Islamic schools and halal food outlets. (BNI)

If "Lord" Ahmed had his way, he would turn the whole British parliament into a halal slaughterhouse….

We won’t eat halal meat, say MPs and peers who reject demands to serve it at Westminster

  • Some parliamentarians have eaten meat at Westminster having been assured it was halal

“Lord Ahmed of Rotherham”  (his real name is probably closer to Abu Ahmed bin Turdistan) thinks halal should be made available as an option. (Needless to mention that he  would also replace the parliamentary system with sharia and put Andy Clamchowder in charge….)

‘Lord’ Ahmed was convicted of vehicular manslaughter a few years ago but only served 16 days for his crime. He also fomented violence in his call to rally 10 000 Muslims to stifle debate in the British parliament when the Dutch MP Geert Wilders was in town to view his film Fitna. KGS

The Palace of Westminster has rejected demands to serve halal meat in its restaurants. (Daily Mail)

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"Palestine and its people are mentioned more than 250 times" in Bible…

Yes, and the moon is made of green cheese.

Last December Fatah headbanger  Dimitri Diliani claimed  Pal-Arabs are Jebusites… ROFL … It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throats, they live in  a world of illusions, inferiority complexes and megalomania …

Palestinian Authority Ambassador invents history, claims that “Palestine and its people are mentioned more than 250 times” in Bible

This is naked historical revisionism. The “Palestinians” of today have no ethnic or national connection whatsoever with the Philistines of the Bible. From the indispensable Myths and Facts” site:

Palestinian Arabs cast themselves as a native people in “Palestine” – like the Aborigines in Australia or Native Americans in America. They portray the Jews as European imperialists and colonizers. This is simply untrue.


Until the Jews began returning to the Land of Israel in increasing numbers from the late 19th century to the turn of the 20th, the area called Palestine was a God-forsaken backwash that belonged to the Ottoman Empire, based in Turkey.


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Islam: 1400 Years of Death and Destruction

 Cultural jihad against the West will advance until we stop it.

The enemedia keeps calling the rabid Islamo-dogs who set Egypts finest library on fire “students”. That in itself is outrageous: students don’t burn books, they study them.

The Islamists’ fires: when will the west wake up? / By MICHAEL A. WALSH

As if further proof were needed of the fecklessness of Western civilization when confronting savagery, consider the destruction of the Institut d’Egypte in Cairo this month. Once again, the world watched helplessly while a horde of Muslim rioters wantonly annihilated a piece of history, and thus served warning that its cultural jihad against the West will advance until we stop it.

The Institut was founded by Napoleon in 1798 during his campaign in Egypt and Syria. Its ranks have included scholars from all walks of life, dedicated to researching Egyptian culture from antiquity to the present. The building, near Tahrir Square — the center of the protests that have marked the Arab Spring in Egypt — was filled with some 200,000 rare books and manuscripts. Gone now, burned in a fire, set off by a mob, that raged for more than 12 hours.

Related links:

This isn’t the first time a Muslim horde has annihilated a priceless part of civilization. The litany of cultural vandalism emanating from Arabia is stunning, from the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the defacement of the Sphinx and the conquest of Persia in the 7th century, to the Arab assault on India over the next four centuries — which resulted in a staggering loss of Hindu art and artifacts — to the near-eradication of Christianity from the lands of its origins in Syria and Turkey, to the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddhas by the Taliban in Afghanistan in March 2001.

Al Jizz vid: ignore the “democrazy’ BS!

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"Tolerance & Dialogue" With the Intolerant

I wrote the song ‘Tolerance’ back in 2006, hoping it would  shake your windows and rattle your walls for the times they are a-changin’. Unfortunately, we got Hope’nChange instead…..

In hindsight, I may as well have written a song about dental floss in the hope that people’s teeth would get cleaner. But don’t take my word for it, listen to Sabatina James:

The Fraudulent Strategy of Tolerance and Dialogue


Back in October we posted an article about Sabatina James, a former Muslim who now lives in Germany and speaks out courageously on behalf of apostates.

The article below about Ms. James appeared a couple of weeks ago in Politically Incorrect. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Sabatina: “You Politically Correct Jornolists”
by Michael Stürzenberger
December 18, 2011

Sabatina JamesThe latest edition of Der Spiegel offers Islam-critics a real treat: a four-page report on ex-Muslim Sabatina James who is known not to be reticent on the subject of the Most Peaceful of All Religionsâ„¢. Editor Matthias Matussek — who until recently had a link to PI on his homepage — features the courageous woman, who is under permanent personal protection in Germany. She provoked him with the right words: “You will never publish something like this. You politically correct jornolists are too cowardly for that.”

She was referring to her portfolio of horror pictures of beheaded Christians. Matussek describes them as “splatter photos from the hot zone of the battle of faiths in the 21st century.” Of course, he did not publish any of these pictures — that might make the negative popular opinion even worse, and even this most Islam-critical author of Der Spiegel is not up to that. For the rest, however, his article offers several tough-as-nails comments by the attractive woman from Pakistan, who gives a merciless accounting of her former religion. She has decisively turned away from Allah and the Prophet, of which her father said:

“Anyone who turns her back on our faith has earned death.”

Since then, she has been on the run. From her own family and any possible commissioned Muslim murderers. Despite this permanent threat, she fights on undeterred and continues to explain things Besides that, she promotes Christianity, whose message of loving your neighbor seems to have pervaded her. She is “on a mission,” as noted by the village minister who baptized her.

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Just like Muhammad & Zainab….

Unfortunately, Zainab didn’t cut the meshugge profit’s penis off after he raped her. This Afghan women was not going to put up with this shiite:

An Afghan woman cut off her father-in-law’s penis with a knife after he tried to have sex with her, a doctor in eastern Afghanistan’s Ghazni province said on Saturday.  87 per cent of Afghan women report having experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage.

"Rogue Afghan soldier kills (another) 2 French soldiers…."

Fantasy based policy and denial of reality kills.  It  beggars belief that there are people in command who believe you can  take an illiterate Afghan headbanger, stick him in a fresh new uniform and hand him a modern weapon.
All you get is   ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’
A Taliban  statement said  the attack was carried out by a Taliban who had joined the Afghan army in eastern Kapisa province, with a purpose to carry out such an attack.
 Esmerelda Weatherwax/Iconoclast
A SOLDIER’S guide to surviving war in Afghanistan will go on public display – 92 years after it was written. A 24-page diary by Corporal Charles Kavanagh, written in 1919, told how insurgents ambushed and murdered British soldiers. He even described how Afghan militia would dress as women in burkas to approach a British camp.

Cpl Kavanagh lied about his age to join the Cheshire Regiment at 15 and was sent to the Third Anglo-Afghan War in May to August 1919.

He wrote: “The endurance and experience gained by the tribesman from years of incessant raiding make him a formidable enemy. He will sometimes hide his rifle and appear as a peaceful villager.”

One tip to young recruits was: “Avoid shaking hands with a strange Pathan. (Pashtun)   They will seize with their left hand and stab with their right.”

Cpl Kavanagh continued serving with the British army and was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940. He died in 1992, aged 87.

Indonesia: Muslims Warned Not to Celebrate New Year's (Just like Bosnians…)

Stay home and read your Koran… or else!


Bosnia’s Muslims urged not to celebrate New Year’s, lest they “violate Allah’s boundaries, and do something their master hates and despises”


Indonesia: Muslims Warned Not to Celebrate New Year’s Lavishly, But to Stay Home and Read Koran

“We have issued the ban and told the people not to celebrate the year’s changeover lavishly, that is against Islamic law,” Tgk. Muslim Ibrahim, chairman of the Ulema Assembly (MPU), said in Banda Aceh on Friday.  (Atlas Shrugs)

Other offerings from Indonesia:

“Shia Islamic Boarding School Torched, Police Do Nothing”

Hmm, if they haven’t got any Christians or Jews to kill, its gotta be the shiitties, those ‘rafidite dogs’….


How Nations Die: The Case of Sweden

The Morning After:

New Years Eve in enriched Malmo

Schools & Kindergartens are un-Islamic

Not only in Sweden:  Bombers Target Girls Schools, Sports Programs… (ROP)

H/T GoV  & Vlad

This video ignores the fact that Muslims are responsible for nearly all rapes and most of the crime in Sweden and Western Europe. Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe. Since the early 1980s, this small country, now having 9 million inhabitants, has taken in 1.3 million immigrants, of which only just under 5 percent were de facto refugees.
Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats) is the only patriotic Swedish party. All the other politicians are traitors.


70 percent of domestic violence cases involve families with a different “ethnic”  background. The cultures concerned don’t touch alcohol and they don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Gee, they call Islam “cultures?”   Read more »