Prof Raphael Israeli on Fethullah Gulen and Saudi Jihad Finance

Raphael Israeli, Professor of Islamic and Chinese History at Hebrew University, was interviewed today by NER Senior Editor Jerry Gordon and co-host Mike Bates, on the “Your Turn” program of Pensacola radio station, 1330AMWEBY. Watch this interview of Israeli during the 2010 NER Symposium.

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This WEBY interview previews a talk by Israeli on Thursday evening, January 5th at B’nai Israel Synagogue in Pensacola. The subject of his talk will be Jews and Christians in Muslim Lands. As Mike Bates of WEBY opined at the start of the interview, the sub-text is “has the Arab Spring turn wintry for Jews and Christians in the Middle East.”

A native of Fes, Morocco who immigrated to Israel in his teens, Professor Israeli is a graduate of Hebrew University in History and Arabic Literature and earned a PhD in Chinese and Islamic studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Author of 30 books and some 100 scholarly articles in the fields of Islamic radicalism, Islamic terrorism, the Modern Middle East, Islam in China and Asia, and the Opening of China by the French.

Jihad in Academia – Terrorism Awareness Project

Among the topics discussed during the WEBY interview with Israeli were:

  • the Arab Spring “democracy” is a vote for authoritarian Islam, not the Western liberal version;
  • the Obama Administration engagement and outreach policies could result in appeasement of fundamentalist Islamic religious autocracies;
  • the plight of persecuted Christians in Egypt and Iraq  could parallel that of Jews in Europe who failed to escape the Nazi Holocaust during WWII;
  • the rumored  Obama Administration retention of Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Guide Yusuf al Qaradawi to assist in negotiating a peace deal with the Afghan Taliban indicates possible abandonment of the country to Islamic fundamentalists; and,
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is denigrating Israel and Antisemitism by making Islamophobia the core of its global Caliphate agenda.

You may listen to all four segments of the WEBY interview with Israeli. Part 1, part 2, part 3,part 4.

Israeli will also be interviewed by co-host Johnny Jackson of the Dr. Rich Show on Thursday at 11:00AM EST.  You may listen live, here.

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  1. The problem is not in collecting evidence about islamic bad intentions – but in disseminating the information. We need a more effective distribution system – any ideas?

  2. kaw, yes, another effective way is face-to-face conversation, it just does not reach as many people each time, but it shows your sincerity to the audience. If you convince two people, then they convince two people, and then two more (each) then it all doubles exponentially and grows. It’s the old word-of-mouth rule in operation. What do you have to lose? just your freedom if you don’t.

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