Righteous Sunni Muslims Take Out 19 Shiite Rafidite Dogs…

A series of attacks across Iraq have killed at least 19 people and left more than 60 wounded.

Monday’s attacks include bombings targeting Shia Muslim worshippers en route to a shrine in the city of Karbala, south of Baghdad. The worshippers were travelling from the Iraqi capital to take part in the Arbaeen rituals later this week.   Many deaths in series of Iraq attacks, al Jizz

Hamas-Lobby CAIR had absolutely nothing to say this past week when the Taliban shot Americans in the back at a volleyball game and tore dozens of innocent Muslims to shreds at a market (pictured above), but it exploded in  “disgust” over video of US troops ipissing on dead terrorists.  (The Religion of Peace)

MB Declares Goal: ‘Mastership of the World’

(Raymond Ibrahim)
The Muslim Brotherhood states that its ultimate aim is global Sharia.

Breast-Chopping Islamists Deny Education to Fearful Women…

“The plight of these women is terrible. It will only change if men’s mindset is be altered,” she remarked. Any brain-surgeon volunteers?

Egypt’s Morality Police Purchase Electric Tazers to Enforce Virtue

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  1. This is revolting! This mentality is apparently what our dim stick president approves of? Oh, but piss on the corpse of some dead terrorists!?

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