Sharia Advocate Mustafa Ceric' Opens Islamic Indoctrination Centre In Germany

The enemedia doesn’t mention his name. Mustafa Ceric’ is a radical Bosnian mufti and Al Qaeda sympathizer, who, in his own words, wants the sharia to rule over the whole world.

Fantasy Productions:

Germany pays radical headbangers to teach a ‘moderate’ form of Islam

Omar Hamdan is the new Islamic Top Dog @ Univeristy Tübingen. (Hamdan is an Israeli Arab, article in German)

The federal government will take over the cost of salaries for professors and other staff at all four centres for the next five years, at a total cost of 20 million Euros.  (DW- in English)

That’s what you get when you let imbeciles make policies and tell the lame to  follow the blind.

Dumbing Down For Islam?

Germany: First university department of Islamic theology

Education Minister Annette Schavan, who is herself a graduate in Catholic theology, said at the opening the school was a ‘milestone for integration’ of Muslims who make up 5 per cent of the population.  (M & C)

Do you see what I see?  Is this the sharia advocating Muslim Brotherhood member Mufti Mustafa Ceric’ or what?  Check out the article here, not a mention>>>


Headbangers Seek Funding For Mega Mosque For Switzerland

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) is trying to raise enough funds in the Gulf states to enable the construction of a 20-million franc ($21 million) prayer centre in the capital Bern. (Via the Local & Islam in Europe)

Belgium: Koranimals Under Remote Control

“Belgian Muslim bodies are definitively under the control of foreign countries” – Continue reading

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  1. Thanks for this, you’re absolutely right. It’s the Bosnian Nazi Ceric who opens the asslifter centre. And Mrs. Schavan smiles, she’s a moron. As a theologian she should know better.

  2. I’m wondering whether she’s on the the headbangers’ payroll. Years ago when she was minister for education in Baden-Würtemberg, she didn’t allow a teacher to wear the head nappy, and today she endorses the opening of an asslifter centre.

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