Tampa Muslims Shocked: "There Was No Better Kid Around Here"

A true soldier of allah.

(You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind  3:110)


Hamas-tied CAIR Hassan Shibly Shreiks “Entrapment” of Muslim Bomb Plotter of Night Clubs and Sheriff’s Office in Florida

Florida jihad suspect brawled with Christians, warned on YouTube to convert to Islam “before it is too late”   from the Daily Mail, January 10

Yesterday, a Florida Muslim from Kosovo was arrested in Florida in a massive night club bomb plot: “We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?”

Hassan Shibly, director of CAIR’s Florida chapter, is crying “entrapment.” This is, of course, typical of jihadis, but what is really outrageous is that the FBI briefed Shibly prior to Osmakac’s arrest. Hamas-CAIR was briefed? Was Qaradawi briefed, too?

New video has emerged that shows how pious and violent Sami Osmakac really was. Devout Muslim Osmakac attacked and bloodied Christian street preachers and produced videos proslytziing and spreading the word of allah. (Pamela Geller)

“I don’t believe he did what they accuse him of doing. There was no better kid around here.”

Sami Osmakac’s aunt.

AP plays along with the terrorists, as always: bomb plotter’s kin shocked

Here is the rabid dog again, attacking Christians in the street in front of the police:

Muslim U.S. soldier converted to Islam on Internet:

Taking the Jihad to Bangkok:

Hundreds of Muslims protest Buddhist school

Hundreds of Muslims have protested outside a Buddhist school in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization named Muslims for Peace is upset at Wat Nonjok secondary school for its refusal to allow a Muslim student to wear the hijab. “Muslims for Peace” have called on Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to intervene.  (read more via Vlad Tepes)

“Kill the Whites”

No, his name is not Jeremiah Wright:

The “REVEREND”  Kemo Immanuel Waters used Twitter at the weekend to call for white people in South Africa to be killed. From IOL.za thanks to Vlad

(Just goes to show that a turd in a suit is still a turd, even with a pink tie….)

 “The only time a black man is afforded a dignified audience is when he pulls a gun.”

Mooch bothered by “White Irish Catholics”

Michelle Obama’s Resentment of “White Irish Catholics” Similar to Barack’s Hateful Comments On “White Folks’ Greed” (Video)  “White Folks Greed”

Moving up in the world:

Inciter of genocide in Rwanda, professor in Canada!

Multiculti is really working for this moral guardian……

“Death to Homosexuals!” lands Muslims in the dock:  From The Daily Mail

‘Gay people should get the death penalty’: Five Muslim men on trial for stirring up hatred after ‘handing out homophobic leaflets near mosque’  (Vlad Tepes)

  • One leaflet called The Death Penalty? showed image of mannequin hanging from a noose and said buggery led to hell, court hears
  • Jury told the ‘horrible’ leaflets were designed to stir up ‘hatred and hostility against homosexual people’
  • Prosecution of the group is first of its kind since new laws were passed

Afghan (Musel-)man faces “Nothing to do with Islam” charges

Germany: prosecutors say they have charged a 22-year-old Afghan man with recruiting for the al-Qaida and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan terrorist organizations. More on nothing to do with islam at ABC News (USA) thanks to Mullah

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  1. Regarding the terrorist from Kosovo attacking the people outside the Lady Gaga concert:

    Just like a Muslim, provoke, attack, and then tell the cop that they ‘insulted’ him and cry victim.
    Wake up world, it’s their M.O. the world over.

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