The New York Times: Propaganda Rag For the Global Jihad

Update II:

There is no nuance, no balance, no justice in the plethora of anti-Israel pieces in the NYT. But there is another agenda as well – normalizing Islam, especially in North America and Europe. See the evidence here.


Muslim groups are calling for the head of NYPD’s Police Chief:

“(American) Terrorism is an evil that must be eliminated,” said Talib Abdur-Rashid, a Muslim cleric.

The Muslim leaders said they are worried that the police department is teaching officers to treat all Muslims as suspects. (All Muslims are suspects, but that’s too realistic for sharia finance tycoon Michael Bloombugger, the mayor of NY)  They demanded the resignation of Kelly and Browne, and a U.S. Department of Justice inquiry into the showing of the film.

The grey old whore of lamestream media, The NY Times, has become the propaganda arm for sharia enforcement in the U.S. of A.:

The traitorous NY TImes has decided to wage holy war on the documentary, The Third Jihad, a film made by moderate Muslim, Zuhdi Jasser (someone I have crossed swords with in the past, but that has no relevance here).

Film description: The Third Jihad is a documentary that alerts Americans to the danger radical Islam poses to the United States and to Western civilization as a whole. The film spotlights radical Islam’s war against liberal ideas, its violent, anti-democratic agenda as well as its human and civil rights abuses against women, blacks, homosexuals, Christians and moderate Muslims.

The NY Times is unhinged (there has been Times ‘press coverage’ on this non-story every day this week) because the film was screened for more than 1,400 officers during training in 2010. So what? There is nothing inaccurate in Jasser’s film. This is not about the film. This is about the prohibition on truth. This is about the media self-enforcing the blasphemy laws (‘do not offend Islam‘) under the sharia. And in doing so, disarming law enforcement.

But the NY Times means to shut down any frank discussion on jihad. They are on the attack against the film. And Mayor (sharia finance king) Bloomberg, the Ground Zero mosque’s staunchest advocate, is doing their bidding. No surprise here either. It dovetails nicely for our quisling Mayor. His mayoral agenda is largely driven by the Times’ uber-leftist agenda. And he bolsters his newly formed Islamic finance platforms. Kills two kuffar with one stone.

And of course, the Times and the Mayor are doing the Muslim Brotherhood in America’s (CAIR’s) bidding. (Pamela Geller has more)


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  1. I hope these Leftists realise, that the first ones for the chop in a sharia state are Leftists and Atheists. That happens every time – Iran in the 80s, and now Egypt.

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