Turkey huffs and puffs….

France caves in:

A French Senate committee has rejected a bill to make it illegal to deny that mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks nearly a century ago amounted to genocide.

“We consider that if this law was passed, there would be a large risk of it being unconstitutional,” Jean-Pierre Sueur, the commission head, said. “We cannot write history with laws. Freedom of expression must be respected.”

You knew this wasn’t going to happen.... (Al Jizz)

Disturbing Facts about Turkey (Daniel Greenfield)

Rick Perry may or may not know what he’s talking about, but that doesn’t mean that he’s wrong about Turkey – or that CNN is right.

The truth hurts. They may not like to be called terrorists, but they are certainly not our allies.

Let’s see who is right about Turkey

 If you had invested in the Turkish model (that is, in the Turkish stock market) at the outbreak of the Arab revolts, you would have lost about half your money. If you leave your money in Turkey, you probably will lose the rest of it. Turkey is not a model. It is a bubble, and it is bursting, starting with the stock market and national currency… (Andrew Bolt)

New threatened species discovered:

Did you know there is a “Society for the Protection of Iranian Nuclear Scientists?”

Manufacturing History? Not a Problem:

Turks Release Film Glorifying Their Conquest of Byzantium

Note the bit about how their prophet predicted the fall of first Byzantium, then Rome.

It’s a disgustingly false historical epic. There’s nothing in it about the days of rape and pillage that followed the conquest. A sub-plot features a European woman who falls in love with a filthy Turk.

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