UK: Muslim Pilot With Terror Links?

Sure. But don’t you worry, his privacy is protected:

4 Pictures  (BCF was the first to pick this scandal!)

Vlad Tepes:

Pilot with terror links deemed a security risk accuses airline of racism after losing his job

The pilot said it was ‘particularly shocking’ the claim that he ‘might do harm with an aeroplane’ 

Only racist bigot Islamophobes could suggest something like that!

Ingrid Simler QC, suggested to the pilot that the suspicion was that the two men ‘were planning to use aeroplanes for a hostile action’. 

She said: ‘Two businessmen, who had nothing to do with aeroplanes, nothing to do with flying, could pay cash in advance for all their lessons, pay the deposit on a light aircraft and have material on how to make explosives and you’re saying it’s not possible to have concerns about a terrorist action?’ 

The pilot replied: ‘That’s unfair. To a suspicious person, it may look suspicious…”  The pilot said it was ‘particularly shocking’ that the security boss ‘was suggesting that I might do harm with an aeroplane’.

“No Muslim would ever do a thing like this”- right?

The hearing continues.

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  1. People need to keep on top of this – it would be foolish to allow this muslim into a cockpit.

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