Vandalism on Quebec Mosque: Was it an Inside Job?

A mosque in Gatineau, Quebec, that was also a target of vandalism a few days before, was spray-painted with graffiti that included a Jewish Star of David and anti-Arab slurs.

Thousands of Churches and  Synagouges have been similarly vandalized over the years, (mostly by Muslims) and yet the authorities are bending over  to placate the soldiers of allah.

Smells fishy: what kind of Jew would implicate his community by vandalizing a mosque door with a Star of David?

CBC (H/T Susan K via BNI)  The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) urged a hate crime investigation after the mosque was found spray painted with hate messages. The attack follows the smashing of windows at the mosque and an attempt to torch two cars in its parking lot earlier this week. Police said it was the fourth incident in the last six months.

The organization says it is not the first time the mosque has been the target of vandals and it cites similar attacks on mosques in Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Waterloo and Vancouver.

Workers at the Outaouais Islamic Centre awoke Thursday to discover swear words and derogatory references to Arabs and Allah spray-painted in white. The vandals painted messages on the front doors, across the building’s side and on two other entrances to the building. (BNI has more)

Caught in the act:

Sheik Hilali  Vandalizes Mosque, Denies and Accuses Others of Damage  (Oldie but goldie…)

HIlali was never taken to court for making these false claims and accusations.

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