Yuman Rites

We must, we must:

“The international community must . . . come to terms with political Islam when it represents a majority preference,” Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in the group’s annual report issued on Sunday, January 22.

Scaramouche explains why  the head of Human Rights Watch, a huge clueless dhimmi/useful idiot, “gets” sharia (and democracy) not at all.

ISLAMIC fanatics have paid £3,000 to help Abu Hamza’s fight against being sent to the US on terror charges.

The Muslim radicals raised the sum in less than 24 hours.

“We do send him money – we send all Muslim prisoners money.” (Vlad Tepes)

His supporters forked out for the hook-handed hate cleric, who appealed for cash so he could undergo an independent health review as part of his defence bid. Click to continue

Salim Mansur: 

Multiculturalism based on ‘flawed logic

“Today, “judges are confused,” human right commissions try to stifle free speech and students feel stifled on university campuses, he said.   He called for repeal of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which regulates online hate speech.” (BCF)

Henrik Clausen:

 Islamic ursupation of Human Rights. The word ‘Cairo’ not mentioned, of course – Danish ‘researcher’ impressed! (via Tundra Tabloids)

A Moroccan Drug-Dealer & Bigamist …

  has won the right to stay in Britain because of his human right to “family life”

Home Office lawyers hoped the deportation of foreign criminal Taoufik Didi would be an open-and-shut case.He had been sentenced to three years in prison for selling cocaine to undercover police officers, and so exceeded the criteria for “automatic deportation” under the law.

The judges believed the 47-year-old criminal and  granted his appeal under the Human Rights Act – ruling that his “right to private and family life” entitled him to stay on in Britain.

Yet all was not as it seemed.   Please click to continue:

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  1. This case is a bit unusual. Normally it’s some fa,t ugly unshagable hag that hooks up with a mosquerat half her age. Probably like Marigold.

  2. marigold,
    No we shouldn’t be ashamed to speak out against a racist, hate filled, supremacist belief system that destroys and ruins peoples lives.

    Freedom of speech sucks hey, well stiff titties. Don’t let the door smack you on the backside on the way out!

  3. Marigold – another brainwashed zombie obeying the orders of a raving mad-dog imam. When will muhammedans ever learn what a brain is for and try to think for themselves…sigh?

  4. @Urban,

    This dude must have spent a lot of his drug trade earnings on buying himself the fanciest looking British wife he could find. For me, no amount of money could compensate me for waking up next to the likes of him, but then, I’ve never been a whore.

  5. Lol) “right to private and family life”- entitled him to stay.. how do you like that! Hmm..marigold thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves? (..)

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