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Ever Get the Feeling the American People are Going One Way and Obama is Going Another?

Obama’s Jesus is quite a different one from the one American Christians know…..

Have you ever noticed that when Obama talks, the America about which he speaks is far different from the America we grew accustomed to living in before 2009? It’s almost as if America the exceptional has been traded for America the mediocre, and the robust American dream has been replaced by government handouts, “free” contraceptives, and a government-endorsed fire hazard green car called the Chevy Volt (that they have to pay us to buy via tax refunds and other perks).  Gobama, go! 

Obama Admin Spends $750K on Soccer Field for Gitmo Detainees

 Santorum is the American Taliban.  (TheRightScoop)

PuffHo Civility:

 ‘The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum,’– Progressives sure know how to dish it out: “Catholics are pedophiles with barbaric rituals who eat Jesus meat…”

Lesbian College Students Demand We Pay Them to Have Constant Sex With Each Other

Paki Muslim "Scholar" Invents Brandnew Islam

“Islam is a faith of peace, freedom and humanity”- where did I hear that one before?

He  believes in freedom of expression, but….

Here we go again: its the Ahmadiyya dimbulb Shaykh-ul-Islam Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri  with his ‘fartwas on terrorism”

One of his coreligionists, another  peacemongering  Ahmadiyya Holy Man by the name of Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad   threatened Geert Wilders With ‘Destruction & Humiliation’ in October last year.

By Madhusree Chatterjee

New Delhi, (IANS) The message of peace and moderation sets former Pakistan-based politician, activist and motivational speaker Shaykh-ul-Islam Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri apart from other Islamic scholars. He says Islam stands for love and not the killing of mankind.  (BCF)

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"China's Restive Xinjiang" Erupts (Again)

China smokes 12  in Xinjiang riot

“The government has failed to win over Uighurs”- note the spin from the Globe & Mail journo, for whom it is wholly inconceivable that  Koranimals could have failed to integrate, or to win over the Chinese majority. Its just like saying ‘little Anny Fanny has failed to tame her rattlesnake, and now she’s dead”.

Thanks to Vlad and TT:

At least 12 people were killed in riots Tuesday in China’s restive northwestern region of Xinjiang, state media reported.

No details were given about what might have set off the violence near the city of Kashgar, although Xinjiang sees periodic outbreaks of anti-government violence by members of the region’s native Turkish Muslim Uighur ethnic group.

The government has failed to win over Uighurs and other ethnic minorities through policies to boost economic growth and incomes as it increases police presence and controls religious practices to deter displays of separatism.

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Ihsanoglu Calls For Our Submission, Again…..

Ihsanoglu stated that Islamophobia is a contemporary manifestation of “racism”.

This Muselmaniac bitterly clings to his deadbeat propaganda. Islam is not a race and repeating this nonsense on end doesn’t make it so…..

“Resisting Islam is Incitement to Violence…”

“Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against persons based on religion and belief”. (Muslims)

Mark Steyn on Alan Jones

“Zombie Moe Judge” Relocated After Threats

Judge in ‘Zombie Muhammad’ case is relocated after threats, criticism of ruling

Mechanicsburg District Judge Mark Martin and his staff temporarily relocated to the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle today due tothreats his office has received and public criticism of his ruling in the “Zombie Muhammad” case. The county courthouse will make it easier to provide extra security.

 Ihsanoglu Calls For Our Submission, Again:

 Ihsanoglu Calls for “Preventive Cultural Diplomacy” to Keep Interfaith Harmony

“Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against persons based on religion and belief”.  He urged the HRC to an urgent initiative of ‘preventive cultural diplomacy’.

Mrs Clitman is on the way, no doubt:

Shrillary should be stoned for treason.

Gingrich says Islam is incompatible with freedom– (it is)   

claims US government is ‘lying to us and censoring us as we try to understand those who would kill us’

“we represent freedom and freedom is the end of their religion.”

Michael Coren On The Hypocrisy Of The Enemedia (BCF)

 Brian Lilley: Stop apologizing to Koranimals!

“U.S. President Hamid Karzai?”- WTF? Am I missing something? (SDAMatt)

Tarek Fatah Flat Out Wrong On Koran Burning

Tarek is simply wrong we should never under any circumstances walk on eggs lest we displease Muslim fanatics.  (BCF)

Dennis Prager:

What kids now learn in college

-God is at best a non-issue, and at worst, a foolish and dangerous belief.

– Christianity is largely a history of inquisitions, crusades, oppression, and anti-intellectualism. Islam, on the other hand, is “a religion of peace.” Therefore, criticism of Christianity is enlightened, while criticism of Islam is Islamophobia…. (BCF)

 Egyptian censors block a film about love story between a Christian and a Muslim

The subject of the relationship between people of two religions is viewed as particularly “sensitive” and the media refrain from talking about it. The film was to be presented at the Luxor African Film Festival. The authorities have also prevented the screening for the jury, journalists and critics.

Tomorrow's Headlines Today: Muslims Fear Backlash For Hostage Taking….

About to get a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card?
Al-Arabiya is reporting, in Arabic only so far, that the U.S. is talking with the Egyptian government to free the blind Sheikh and 49 other Egyptians currently imprisoned in the U.S. in exchange for the freedom of the 19 Americans the Egyptians are holding.The blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, is in prison for his role in masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center jihad terror bombing. If he is freed, it will be the apotheosis of Obama’s policy of appeasement toward the Islamic world.“Omar Abdel Rahman at the head of Egyptian-American swap deal,” from al-Arabiya (Arabic), February 28 (thanks to JW). This is my translation from the Arabic:

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Here I'm is, the Zombie Moe


Zombie Moe Judge Tries to Explain Himself:

Mark Martin on CNN with Libtard Soledad O’Brien, who actually seems puzzled for once:

“Just because you can dress up in a hood doesn’t mean you should”

That’s interesting. Then what would he do with these f*kctards?

Pamela Geller and Ezra Levant discuss the Pennsylvania Sharia ruling in the “Zombie Muhammad” case

Last night on Canada’s Sun TV. Video courtesy Pamela Geller, who has background on the case here.

In “Exclusive Interview: Infidel Victim of Pennsylvania Sharia Judge Reveals Inside Details of Case” in the American Thinker today, Pamela Geller interviews Ernest Perce, who was attacked by a Muslim for wearing a “Zombie Muhammad” costume on Halloween. A judge then cleared the attacker and lectured Perce about Islam.

This is why anti-sharia legislation is so essential.  What happened to equal protection under the law?

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Tattoo Rage!

The Daily Rage from the Religion of Peace:

Malaysian Muslims ‘Outraged’ by Singer’s ‘Allah’ Tattoo…

Today’s Flatulent “Nothing to do With Islam”  Puff-Piece Comes from Hamida Ghafour:

“Poor, disenfranchised people expressing anger “

These protests are not really about religion, as offensive as it is to burn any holy book. They’re about poor, disenfranchised people expressing anger over lack of progress and security and finding an easy vehicle for that rage.

Somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan:

Righteous Sunni Muslims Export 18 Shiite Rafidite Dogs to the Virgins

Police officials said the bus came under attack in an area inhabited by two Sunni tribes about 430 km (267 miles) north of Islamabad.

Paki  Cleric Zahidur Rashidi Tells Ahmadiyya: Be Killed or Repent and Accept Islam

Paki cleric Zahidur Rashidi (MEMRI)

Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan were declared to be non-Muslims under a law enacted in 1974 by Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The law paved the way for social ridicule and religious discrimination of Ahmadis in Pakistan, who are pejoratively dismissed as Ahmadis or as Qadianis, after the town of Qadian in northern India where the Ahmadiyya movement began. Islamic clerics accuse the Ahmadi Muslims of not believing Prophet Muhammad to be the final prophet, and hence a strong religious movement is underway in Pakistan and also in India against Ahmadi Muslims. (More)



Putin calls for (yet another) “New World Order”

Malaysia: There’s a Jihad Going On!

Sultan Knish: Saving Muslims From Themselves (and other follies)

The job of governments is not to sell our way of life to others, it is to protect that way of life from others.

Saving Muslims From Themselves

The movie industry has has lost its audience:

The Very Last Picture Show

The movie theater isn’t dead, but it is increasingly irrelevant as a storytelling medium. After generations of chasing trends, the industry has been permanently left behind.

Atlas Shrugs: when beautiful asshats make dhimmovies,  like “In the Land of Blood and Honey” 

Ah yes, there’s this weird thing with the leg:

I prefer the photoshop:

The Serbian premiere of Angelina Jolie’s Balkan war drama “In the Land of Blood and Honey” was met by derision Friday, as Serbs angry over an unfair depiction stayed away in droves.

“The film is so bad that it warrants no reaction.”

It is not unexpected. When the unenlightened enlightened make movies about subject matters they know nothing about, it is a tragedy.

Islam Uber Alles

The cowardice of our leaders has elevated the Koran and its demented author above freedom of speech, above the rights of Americans and the lives of American soldiers. When Muslims kill, the wounded society hurriedly searches for scapegoats that might have provoked them to the act. Was there an offensive cartoon, was a Koran flushed or singed, did they experience discrimination, are they upset about American foreign policy?  Islam only seeks one thing. Supremacy.


Obysmal Hopenosis

The Price of Treason:

Now that we’ve appeased the Islamic world by electing a community organizer with a Muslim background and sympathies who devoted himself from the beginning of his presidency to apologizing to Muslims on behalf of America, the USA is getting the respect it deserves in Pakistan, which receives $billions in free money courtesy of American taxpayers:

Moonbattery: Payoff for Obama’s Islamic Appeasement Policy

Obama Stabs Military in the Back Once Again

The loathing Demorrhoids have for the military has been common knowledge at least since the Clinton Administration. A vote for them is a vote to knife a soldier in the back on behalf of some useless overpaid parasite growing fatter and softer behind a desk in Washington.

The plan is not new, its been around for a while.  Its in the Congressional Record–Appendix from 1963, and  listed under “Current Communist Goals:” 

“Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.”– (There is much more, of course)

“Trying to get to the top is un-American”-–  Obama, in a speech to the United Auto Workers union – said that “trying to climb to the very top” was not what America is “about,” saying that it was “greed” 

Clitman Watch

Shrillary tells Tunisians  “don’t believe anyone but me and the Obamessiah”

It appears the old shrew isn’t too sure what to believe these days:

Clinton: Arming Syrian rebels could help al-Qaeda and Hamas

“We really don’t know who it is that would be armed…..”

No Tax-Cheats Amongst Demorrhoids:

Setting the tax cheat Tim Geithner atop the Treasury Department is like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of a playground — and welfare is a particularly degrading form of slavery.  Straight Talk From Ted Nugent

Some good news:

Work Accident Exports 5 Koranimals to the Virgins:

Five “militants” were killed on Saturday when a bomb that they were preparing at their hideout in the Sarghar area of the Khyber tribal region exploded prematurely. 

The Enemy Among Us

Despicable Swine

Negus needs to get the shoe. The bitch deserves the Taliban treatment.  Enough is enough.

VICTORIA Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith would have every right to think that his enemies are in Afghanistan and that his friends reside in Australia.

Yesterday showed he is wrong.

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Yumi Stynes, the future of Australian journalism;  God help us.

“Yumi Stynes is the stuff of legends”- I took a screen shot to be sure, just before they take it down! (Below the fold!)


“Jesus was a Palestinian”

If Maher says it, it must be true….

He also whines about the bitter clingers:

“Guns are a religion. They’re next to godliness for a lot of people,” he ranted. Host Piers Morgan found America’s gun laws “incomprehensible” and balked at the “ideological dream” of the right to bear arms.   Read More

Empire State Building Insults Catholics

Dysentery Green as in Islam is okay.

The Empire State Building refused to honor Timothy Cardinal Dolan — setting off a torrent of outrage against the iconic structure that has honored everything from gay pride  to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“Celebrating Homosexuality”

Canada to Forbid Teaching Your Own Children That Homosexual Depravity Is Wrong

One of the main points of homeschooling is to spare innocent children from the increasingly depraved sexual indoctrination that takes place in public schools. Coercively degenerate bureaucrats want to close this avenue of escape. (Moonbattery)


Its like giving a kid the keys to the candy store:

THE gay fathers of a six-year-old Australian boy have been arrested in Los Angeles after being indicted on child sexual exploitation charges relating to their own son.   (Bolt)

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